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It is better to read books such as Barrons on verbal ability. There are questions available on this website which is related to technical. Here are some questions which give you an understanding about the process and the method you need to prepare: -


1) What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL? State and explain the various uses of the languages?
2) What was the main reason behind the creation of .NET platform?
3) What is reusability and state some examples? etc
Interview questions related to HR
1) The famous question Tell me about your self?
2) What do you know about Wipro and its job environment?
3) Tell me about your project and explain its uses, features and disadvantages?
4) Give us a one good reason to hire you?
5) What are all the different languages you know? State some examples and features, uses of the language you know?
6) Why did you choose IT field any specific importance?
7) How did your education background help you in career in IT field?
8) What hobbies and interests do you have and what interests you in them?
9) Can you explain about new features of your favorite language, add on`s, etc?
10) What are the different ways in which you can exploit a website?

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The allotment will differ. Here are some few analytical questionsWhat is Memory management in C in Wipro?