Websites Stress/Load Testing Question:
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How to create the scenarios that are to be used to load test the web site?


The information gathered during the analysis of the current traffic is used to create the scenarios that are to be used to load test the web site.

The identified scenarios aim to accurately emulate the behavior of real users navigating through the Web site.

for example, a seven-page session that results in a purchase is going to create more load on the Web site than a seven-page session that involves only browsing. A browsing session might only involve the serving of static pages, while a purchase session will involve a number of elements, including the inventory database, the customer database, a credit card transaction with verification going through a third-party system, and a notification email. A single purchase session might put as much load on some of the system’s resources as twenty browsing sessions.

Similar reasoning may apply to purchases from new vs. returning users. A new user purchase might involve a significant amount of account setup and verification —something existing users may not require. The database load created by a single new user purchase may equal that of five purchases by existing users, so you should differentiate the two types of purchases.

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