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How can I view video files on the web site?


There are two ways to view the online video clips. Because of variations in browsers and operating systems, both methods might not work for all individuals. However, one of the two methods should work if you have the Windows Media Player installed. 1. Click on the link to the video. Depending on what your plug-in settings are in your browser, Windows Media Player may launch and begin downloading the video clip. The video should begin to play after enough is downloaded for it to play smoothly. 2. Right click (PC) or click and hold (Mac) the link to the video. Choose "Save Target As.." (IE) or "Save Link As..." (Netscape) to save the file. Make sure that the correct file type is selected in the drop down list below the file name. After the file has been saved to your computer, double click on it to launch it in Windows Media Player. If your computer is not set up to launch the player upon double clicking, first open Windows Media Player and then choose "File" and "Open" to load the video clip. Press the play button to begin playing.

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