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Explain Localization Testing?


These two abbreviations mean internationalization and localization respectively. Using the word "internationalization" as an example; here is how these abbreviations are derived. First, you take the first letter of the word you want to abbreviate; in this case the letter "I". Next, you take the last letter in the word; in this case the letter "N". These become the first and last letters in the abbreviation. Finally, you count the remaining letters in the word between the first and last letter. In this case. "nternationalizatio" has 18 characters in it. se we will plug the number 18 between the "I" and "N"; thus I18N.

I18N and L10N

► I18N and L10N comprise the whole of the offort involved in enabling a product.
► I18N is "Stuff" you have to do once.
► L10N is "stuff you have to do over and over again.
► The more stuff you push into I18N out of L10N, the less complicated and expensive the process becomes.

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