EDI/Data Integration Expert Question:
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EDI/Data Integration Expert Job Interview Questions:


☛ What is EDI?
☛ What are the things which makes EDI solutions differ from standard XML solutions?
☛ How to create EDI schema?
☛ What is the default character set supported by EDI pipeline?
☛ How does BizTalk resolves Agreement?
☛ When does fallback agreement properties come into picture?
☛ It is required to use EDI Pipeline in the EDI solution, but I can't see in the options?
☛ What are the values which Segment Separtor Suffix and Segment Terminator Suffix can have?
☛ Is there a realtion between EDI send pipeline and Parties?
☛ What are the options to release EDI Batch message to destination?
☛ Is it possible to receive Multiple Interchanges in a Single Message and parse it?
☛ Can we access EDI message context properties in orchestration?

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