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A good software tester should be Hyper-Sensitivity to Little Things?


Hyper-Sensitivity to Little Things.
Good testers notice little things that others (including programmers) miss or ignore. Testers see symptoms, not bugs. We know that a given bug can have many different symptoms, ranging from innocuous to catastrophic. We know that the symptoms of a bug are arbitrarily related in severity to the cause. Consequently, there is no such thing as a minor symptom-because a symptom isn't a bug. It is only after the symptom is fully explained (i.e., fully debugged) that you have the right to say if the bug that caused that symptom is minor or major. Therefore, anything at all out of the ordinary is worth pursuing. The screen flickered this time, but not last time-a bug. The keyboard is a little sticky-another bug. The account balance is off by 0.01 cents-great bug. Good testers notice such little things and use them as an entree to finding a closely-related set of inputs that will cause a catastrophic failure and therefore get the programmers' attention. Luckily, this attribute can be learned through training.

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