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25 AI Games Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Game Playing AI?

This covers a number of game playing techniques, notably checkers and backgammon because so much good research has been done on these problems and because so many different techniques have been tried.

2 :: What is AI Checkers?

The main programs here are Arthur Samuel's, the rote learning method which is a lot like a memory based method, generalization learning which is a lot like backprop and a signature table approach that also gives you a feed-forward type network. One of Samuel's programs did beat a checkers champion and the AI community has often make a fuss over that saying that this AI program played a "championship-level" game however that expert beat the program in the next 6 games. Note too, what Samuels says: "the program is quite capable of beating any amateur player and can give better players a good contest".

3 :: What is AI Backgammon?

This section looks at Berliner's program, two backprop versions by Tesauro and a temporal difference method by Tesauro. This latter program is VERY good and has found strategies that now human backgammon players acknowledge are better than some of the old humanly devised strategies

4 :: Consider this: after a while Tesuaros temporal difference program will likely stop learning, so does this means that it lost its intelligence?

Some game playing programs are getting quite good and I expect that in the long run all the best "players" will be programs. While that is wonderful and while those programs that learn to play their games get a rating of minimal intelligence from me remember that what's impressive about people is that not only can they do games, they do heuristic search, theorem proving, use natural language and cope with the real world. The real challenge is to get programs to do that. If you simply pursue techniques for game playing will you ever end up with all these human capabilities in one program?

5 :: Is this artificial intelligence lives over the other software programs and their flexibility?

Yes artificial intelligence Games lives over the other software programs and their flexibility

7 :: Adversarial search problems uses,
a) Competitive Environment
b) Cooperative Environment
c) Neither a nor b
d) Only a and b

a) Competitive Environment
Explanation: Since in cooperative environment agents' goals are I conflicts. They compete for goal.

10 :: Zero sum game has to be a ______ game.
a) Single player
b) Two player
c) Multiplayer
d) Three player

c) Multiplayer
Explanation: Zero sum games could be multiplayer games as long as the condition for zero sum game is satisfied