Safety Officer Interview Preparation Guide
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Safety Officer based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Safety Officer. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

176 Safety Officer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what would you do if a plant manager asked you to ignore a safety violation?

This question is designed to see how you balance ethics, professional responsibility, and common sense. A good answer might sound something like this: “If it were a minor technical violation that was unlikely to result in injury, I might give the manager 24 hours to fix it. At that time, I’d do another inspection. If it were a major hazard, however, I’d have to refuse to ignore it.”

2 :: Do you know what is injury?

It is defined as a harmful condition sustained by the body as a result of an accident.

3 :: Do you know what is sand blasting?

The process of removing rust dust, dirt, scales and old prints from the old surface using compressed air is called sand blasting.

4 :: Do you know what are the pre cautions for welding?

1. Remove all combustion material from the place of welding
2. Clear the work area and cover wooden floor with fire proof mats. ( Welding mechanic should be kept with in the visibility of the welders.
3. Erect fire resistance screen around the work
4. All welding cables should be fully insulted
5. All welding mics shall be double earthed
6. Welding area should be dry and free from water
7. Keep the fire extinguisher / sand really
8. Use leather hand gloves, goggles and helmets
9. Switch off the power when welding is stopped
10. Do not allow the helper to do welding
11. Do not shift he welding cable unless the electric power is switched off.
12. Do not allow the helper to carry the welding. Terminal of the welding cables should be provided 3-cable with lugs and kept tight.
13. Oxygen hose in black and Acetylene hose in red in color as per standard
14. NRV of the blow torches should be maintained properly avoid back fire
15. Welders should be trained properly
16. Cylinders should be stored in a cold dry place away bottom heat and direct sunlight.
17. Proper house keeping, good ventilation in the working area
18. Smoking should be avoided from welding area
19. Hose connection should be proper made
20. Barricade the work area and put a sign board
21. Rolling of cylinders should be avoided
22. Flash back arrestor should be attached in each cylinders
23. Any leakage of cylinder should be kept separately

5 :: Explain how to prevent accidents of “power tools”?

1. The operators should wear face shields or safety glasses
2. Power tools should be placed in the store room after use
3. power tools should have protected by guards
4. Pneumatic hoses or electric cables of power tools should not pass through passage ways.
5. The electrical power tools should be properly earthed
6. Never horse play with hose of pneumatic tools
7. Power tools machines should be maintained and operated properly.

6 :: Explain safety rules when using ladders?

1. The foot wear is not greasy, oily and muddy and has a good grip on the rungs.
2. When climbing or coming down a ladder should be face the ladder side and had on with both hand.
3. Carry light tools in pockets in a shoulder bag.
4. Hold on with at least new hand if use of both hands then, use safety belt
5. Never climb higher than the third rung from the top on straight or second tired from the top on extension ladder.
6. Step ladder must be fully open and the divider locked
7. Metal ladder shall not be used near electrical equipments.
8. Metal ladder shall not be place on firm footing and at angle of 75
9. Any ladder found defect in any way should be marked do not use
10. Ladder shall not be placed on a box or drum.
11. Rubber protection on head and heel of a ladder is necessary.

7 :: Explain different types of hazards?

1. Mechanical hazards — in adequately guarded machines parts
2. Chemical hazards — of toxemic gasses, vapours, fumes, smoke in dust.
3. Electrical hazards : in adequately insulated line wires
4. Fire hazards – chemical reaction, electrical Arcs
5. Radiation hazards – dazzing light in fraved rays ultra violet rays
6. Pollution — water pollution & noise pollution

8 :: Explain a brief note about safety policy?

1. The safety and heath of all employees is one of prime concerned of the company.
2. Every company will be require to the policy both in letter and in spirit.
3. the company shall comply straightly with act, laws, rules and regulations
4. The company shall impart raining in health safety and occupational health to all employees.
5. The company will adopt own safety and health standards where laws may not be available.

9 :: Do you know about accident sequence?

☛ A personal injury occurs only as the result of an accidents
☛ An accident occurs only as the result of a unsafe action or un safe mechanical or physical conditions or both.
☛ Unsafe action or unsafe condition or mechanical or physical condition exist only because of faulting the part of persons.
☛ Fault of persons acquires from the environment and the causes for lack of knowledge or skills or improper attitude.

10 :: Tell us what is safety management?

Safety management is an art and science of setting safety objectives of the Industrial company and related activities of planning, administration, Improving, Various functions to achieve the safety objectives.