Fire Safety Officer Interview Preparation Guide
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Fire Safety Officer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Fire Safety Officer. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

26 Fire Safety Officer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know how many types of Fire extinguishers are available?

There are six types of Fire Extinguishers:

► Water Fire Extinguishers
► Foam Fire Extinguishers
► Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
► Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
► Halon Fire Extinguishers
► Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers (Kitchen)

2 :: What is Flash Point?

The lowest temperature in which a volatile liquid produces enough vapor so that if there is an external source of ignition, it gives a flash of fire, when the ignition source is removed the flash stops.

3 :: Explain me how to Prevent Fire and Explosion from a workplace?

All flammable gases, liquids, and vapors are removed before the start of any hot work.
Mechanical ventilation is usually used to Keep the concentration of any explosive or flammable hazardous substance less than 10% of its Lower Explosive Limit AND Make sure that the oxygen content in the confined space is not enriched. Oxygen content should be less than 23% but maintained at levels greater than 18%. (These numbers can vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction).

4 :: Tell me what is a hot work?

Any work which involves spark, Open flame, and temperature is called Hot Work.

5 :: Please explain the steps in the use of a fire blanket on a flammable liquid fire?

☛ Open the blanket fully

☛ Drape it in front of you to protect you from radiant heat

☛ Protect the hands by turning the top edge over them

☛ Hold the blanket to protect your face

☛ Leave the blanket in position until the fire and its container have cooled.

6 :: Please tell me what is Safety?

It is a condition which gives you freedom from hazard, risk, accident which may cause injury, damage and loss to material or property damage and even death. Safety is defined as freedom from those condition that can cause injury to persons including death or damage to property or environment.

It is common for this question to to be asked every time, and you should have questions ready. By asking questions you are able to show that you have enough interest to do some research, and that you want to learn all that you can. You should limit the questions to no more than three or four.

7 :: Explain me what is carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers?

This type of fire extinguishers are available in different sizes (2 kgs - 6 kgs - 10 kgs - 20 kgs - 30 kgs) .

It is used to extinguish class (B) fires (flammable liquids), also it is very effective on fires involving electrical equipment since it does not leave any residues after use.

It extinguishes fires by replacing some of the oxygen in the air.

8 :: Please explain what is the precaution for gas cutting?

☛ Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
☛ Keep fire watch nearby
☛ Remove all combustible from the work area
☛ Use all necessary PPE
☛ Never put welding gas cylinder inside a confined space
☛ Hoses shall not be laid in pathways
☛ Gas cutting torch should have flashback arrestors
☛ Gas test is to be done to check for the presence of flammable gas on the site.
☛ Good housekeeping and ventilation are necessary for the working area.
☛ Hose connections should be made properly.

9 :: Tell me what Fire precautions should be taken around petrol-powered machines?

Avoidance of smoking or naked flames

10 :: Suppose you have called out the city fire brigade to a fire at your plant. Explain vital pieces of information you should give to the officer in charge on his arrival?

☛ Details of the fire location

☛ Details of the fire mains of the site

☛ Details of the materials involved in the fire

☛ Details of a person trapped or missing

☛ Details of any special hazards involved