Social Media Executive Interview Preparation Guide
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Social Media Executive based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as SME. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

71 SME Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how could you leverage YouTube in order to promote our brand and increase engagement?

People love to see original video content that is fun and sharable. It shouldn’t be so obviously promotional from the start. People should want to share it simply because it is amazing! This video content ultimately connects to all the other social media platforms you are working with and benefits strategy and marketing as a whole. It might even go viral.

2 :: Explain what kinds of skills/qualities do you think you need to possess to be a community manager?

A great community manager should be proficient in most of the social media platforms and social media management tools we’ve mentioned so far. He/she should have unrivaled communications skills and be likeable and organized. Employers also value a background in analytics even if those analytics were not directly related to social media.

3 :: Tell us are You Aware Of Some Of The Current Social Media Trends?

A huge part of a social media role is to understand the trends within the industry – so you want to make sure that you understand everything that’s going on in the social media world before you step into that interview.

Have a look at social media websites and sign yourself up to social media updates – this way if you get asked about any social media trends, you’ll be as a cool as a cucumber. With this answer you could also talk about your predictions for any future trends. This will show the employer that you’re on the ball, and you’re constantly looking at what might come next in social media and how you can use that to communicate with customers.

4 :: Tell me what social networks do you specialize in? Why are these networks right for my business?

Every social network is not right for every industry. Just ask anyone in the pharmaceutical industry how they could possibly engage in drug marketing on Twitter. The reality is that most organizations can take full advantage of the networks out there, but if there are limitations, you want your social media professional to be aware of them.

5 :: Please explain what are your favorite social media blogs?

Working in social media can be like trying to hit a moving target, so staying up to date is crucial. Before you attend the job interview, look at your social media blog bookmarks.

6 :: Explain me what is social media?

“Blogging and Twitter and stuff”. Excuse yourself for a bathroom break and don’t come back.

“All of the conversations going on between people and people and businesses and such online”. Not bad.

“A trendy term to describe a new kind of mass media”. Totally acceptable.

7 :: Tell me how did you learn all this stuff?

“Oh, I read this book I bought from”. Wargh. By the time that book went to print it was out of date. No go.

“I’m always learning”. Good answer.

“I read a lot of blogs, and try to use as many different tools as I can”. Also good.

“I go to conferences”. Yeahhhhhh. Might be OK. Answers to the other 9 questions should tell you.

8 :: How do you measure social return on investment (ROI)?

You must decide on your goals and objectives before you start tracking and measuring your social ROI so you know which factors you are measuring. Social ROI can be measured in various ways. Customer acquisition, reach, traffic, lead generation, clicks, revenue, contest entries, etc. are some factors you can use to measure social ROI. After establishing what your online marketing goals are, you then assign financial values to each goal.

9 :: Tell me what key performance indicators (KPIs) would you recommend to report on social media efforts?

There are numerous key performance indicators like number of Active Followers, Demographics and Location, Likes and Shares, Comments, mentions, Traffic Data, Social Connections, Video/SlideShare Views, etc. that you should identify to determine the reach and engagement of the company on Social Platforms. By tracking the right KPI’s, your company will be able to make adjustments to your social media strategy and budget. You can mention some of the above mentioned KPIs which you feel are important from your point of view.

10 :: Explain me how do you use social media as a tool for customer service?

Social media is a great tool for customer service since you can converse with customers directly, use analytics to see how they’re responding to content, and find influencers to chat with and bring over to your network. Some of these influencers might even be customers. Most social media employers stress the power conversation so have examples of how you’ve reached out to customers. Social media is also a good indicator of overall company vitality and analytics.