Quality Center Interview Preparation Guide
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HP Quality Center based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Quality Center. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

50 HP Quality Center Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell me how does u control the access to a QC project?

We need to specify the users and the privileges for each user.

2 :: Tell me how can we import test cases from Excel to Quality Center?

To import test cases from Excel to Quality Center:

☛ We need to Install and Configure the Microsoft Excel Add-In for Quality Center.
☛ Need to Map the Columns present in the Excel with Columns in Quality Center.
☛ Export the data from Excel using "Export to Quality Center option" in Excel.
☛ Check for the errors if any.

3 :: Explain what is Sprinter in HP-ALM?

Sprinter provides automated environment to execute various manual testing tasks. It offers advanced tools which helps in easy execution of testing tasks.

4 :: How does the records appear in Quality Center?

By default in the order in which they were added.

5 :: Tell me how do you find duplicates bugs in the Quality Center?

We can find duplicate bugs in the defect manager tab using "Find Similar Defects" button. We need to enter defect description in brief and it shows similar defects.

6 :: Explain what is test set notification, and when we need it?

To inform any specific user we use test set notification if case of any failure.

7 :: Tell me what is the default database in Quality Center?

SQL Server is the default database in Quality Center.

8 :: Explain what are the different edition for HP QC or HP ALM?

The different edition of HP QC/ALM includes:

☛ HP ALM essentials:It is used by the corporates that need the basic features for supporting their entire software life cycle.
☛ HP QC enterprise edition:It is used by corporates more commonly who use ALM more testing purposes, also provides integration with UFT
☛ HP ALM performance center edition:It is best suitable for organizations who would like to use HP ALM to drive HP-Loadrunner scripts. It helps the users to manage, maintain, execute, schedule and monitor performance tests.

9 :: Tell me what is Quality Center?

Quality Center is a product of HP known as HP QC or Quality Center or HP ALM (application Lifecycle Management) tool. It is a web based test management tool which supports various phases of software development life cycle. It helps in improving application quality with more effective implementation of a project and it is cost efficient too.

10 :: Explain what is Business Component?

Business component is used for Business Process testing known as BPT. Business component provide script free environment for creating tests.