Journalism Interview Preparation Guide
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Journalism frequently Asked Questions in various Journalism job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Journalism job interview

6 Journalism Questions and Answers:


Yes a MBA graduate can do journalism for doing journalism
one should have confident,boldness,good communication,etc
this is enough.I am a MBA i am willing to do journalism but
i don't how to approach for this.

2 :: Explain What is Development Communication?

Use of communication technology, mass media and different
channels/media of communication for promotion of health,
social development/rural development issues is coined as
development communication.

3 :: Explain grapevine?

Grapevine is an informal communication spread through a
rumor made by a person or a group of people. It spreads
very rapidly in a random way.

4 :: What is the difference between Ms. and Miss?

Miss is used to refer to an unmarried lady. Mrs. is used to
refer to a married lady. Ms is used when you do not want to
specifically imply whether the lady is married or
unmarried. It can be used for both married and unmarried

5 :: What is Yellow Journalism? What are its effects?

yellow jouralism means sensationalizing news items and other
facts to increase circulation.they are generally not backed
by verifiable data.with the separation of editorial team
from financiers yellow journalism has become widespread

6 :: Explain photo editing?

Photo editing is to remove blamishes, errors or unwanted
elements using tools such as PhotoShop, Painter or others.
One of the most common uses of photo editing/retouching is
to prepare photos for catalogues, magazines and newspapers.
Some of the best photo editors/retouchers produce posters
and post cards. Self employment in this area is usually
associated with event photography such as weddings, class
pictures, boudoir photos and so on.