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1 :: I am B.E. Electronics with 2 years Exp. as Software Faculty & 1 Years Exp. in Software Development & 1 Year Exp. in Software Testing But that is all in small company . So please guide me where to apply can s/w faculty & developer exp. are counted for testing
reply early?

First I would suggest that you make up your mind in terms of what area you want to pursue your career in. Testing or software development of teaching. I am not sure about teaching, but both software development and testing have huge potential going forward. Some companies do and some do not consider teaching experience as relevant experience to their job requirements. However, I think all in all you can always negotiate on what amount of your total experience can be taken as relevant while taking up the job. Dont be too hung up initially on this and if you are ready to work hard, you would be able to more than make up for the shortfall, if any. Bottomline :- Define your focus and then go for it with full steam. Not much is lost yet. If you keep dilly dallying between if you should this or that, then it could get late.all the bestrgdskabir.

2 :: Currently I am working as a XML programmer. I have core java concept. I want to get job in application development using java. So how i have to prepare for that?

From your question it seems that you are applying/trying for your first job. In that case, what I would recommend is that you have your fundamentals pretty well under your belt. Have a thourogh knowledge of the projects you did in college and be thourogh with the computer science fundamentals. Ability to write short programs and demonstrate logical thinking through use of flowcharts would be an advantage. In the interview , do not try to show that you are master of everything, but instead talk about your core strengths and invite any questions in that area. Of course, choose a company that has work in the area which match your core strengths.all the best.rgdskabir...

3 :: I had graduated Master of Computer Applications at 2001 with 70%. I scored less than 60% in BSc computer sc, less than 70% in intermediate (+2) and less than 60% in matriculation (10).
Later then, I was not successful in getting the job in Software Development for a year. Then I tried to get trained in Networking but was not successful for 6 months. One of my friend got me an opportunity to work in software development (visual basic programmer trainee) but since i felt that the organization did not got me due respect for not issuing joining order & not paying me for than 3 months & also criticisms given by project manager about my performance l felt depressed left the job. Once again i started looking for the job. Later then i got opportunity to work as computer operator for a govt. organization through my fathers friend .
Mean while i have learned autocad and got an opportunity to work as autocad operator at abroad through a friend. At abroad, I worked as AutoCAD operator for a year but i was given job handling manual drawings, office files & equipment maintenance, computer data entry operator, taking xeroxes etc. with own interest, i prepared a report for work progress of the organization in excel using visual basic for application. During i was severely depressed feeling of myself being isolated and departed from my profession. After completion of one year contract, i opted to return back to india. But, Now i am being in no where state. during past 1 and half month while i took training in software testing from a concern. At interviews, they are asking for experience which i am lacking.
I had applied for call center exec position for which i am lacking voice accent and excellent communication. What job shall i do ? Can i get back to the software development field ? is it possible?

Since you have some experience in autocad and that means solid modelling, why dont your try to get employed with some leading architechts or construction companies. There is a construction boom currently in India and I believe there are lots of companies that do their drawing and walk-throughs of their proposed plans to show to their clients. Through autocad, you could also try to get a job in the design dept. of automobile or automobile ancillary units(eg. bharat forge, big forging company) in India since this industry is also booming. Additionally, you could take some training on an animation and modelling package like 3D studio max and try for the entertainment industry/advertisnment industry/commercials. If you want to get back to core software development, I guess you may need to do an advanced 2/3+ years course from an institute like NIIT, etc and then probably start from begining in your career.all the best and hope this helps.rgdskabir.

4 :: I am electronics engineer from Nagpur with an aggregate of 68%..can any1 tell me how can i get call from Top MNC like Accenture, CTS etc..i have applied so many times but i havent got even a single call till now..i want 2 change my present job as soon as possible..rite now i m working in J2EE based company at Hyderabad?

First dont lose your hope.Since the companies get huge volume of resumes you might have got a call till now. BUt you wouold surely get it. Make the resume attractive highlighting your proficiency and strengths.Because resume is the first filtering companies do.If you have queries in makeing the resume post it in this website I wouold guide you on the same.All the Best.

6 :: I am 6th semester student of electronics and communication engineering. i am having aggregate of 70%, sir please advice me on which points i have to work for having good requirement. also suggest me any additional course which i can do for having good chances in campus placement as i want to work in electronic industry,,also this course should help me in pass out time in 2007 may for easy and good requirement for better future. sir please tell me allover what i have to do from now for good placement and better future in electronics field?

Dont wory.Go for either Embeded design or Vlsi or Digital signal processing.These three are having significant valu for your future.

If u plan to join in software company then as a fresher u must be familiar with objective questions till 12 th and so long as to increse your communication skills,presention for some good mazanies and have a practice with reading news paper. All the best

7 :: I am doing final year B.Sc(Maths). I like to get into Software field(programming). Please advice me regarding what are the companies recruiting B.Sc maths or Any graduate?

Mathematics graduates can work as actuarians especially in insurance companies. But because you prefer programming, you can also go to banks to create their needed programs. Anyway, any professional company that has an IT department can hire you if you know programming and at the same time an expert in math problems.

8 :: I am in the third year of civil engineering. I would like to know to know which elective should i choose as per their respective scopes from: Environmental engineering, Geo technical engineering or Structural engineering. Also i would like to know what course should i pursue in order to gain maximum monetary returns, i.e should i go for MBA or M.Tech.also i would like to go to Australia for future job prospects. Please kindly advice me on this topic?

selecting a elective depend on ur interest ,nyway now a days geotech and structural engg has got great demand in india and abroad( has also demand 4 evrnmnt),doing mba / depend on wether u want to be core or change the field wht i suggest is construction tech and mangmnt as whh is in demand now offered @ iitd n iitm look at whh gives sponsership to this programm @ iitd n iitm

9 :: I am student of MCA (1st year) and I dont have above 60% consistency since 10th in my profile, but I have a very strong hand on c,data structure and operating system. So my ques is that
is there companies who doesnt have the criteria of 60% or who select the student on skills?

In industry, what really matters how hard working (i.e industrious) you are and how well you can get results. Those are only things that matter. Rest are all are preparations. For instance, if you have good training on math it is likely that you will be a better programmer (although there are no guarantees). But I do see your concern about not having high grades or scores. But you can make up for this my working harder (yes, very hard) to get First Class (or Distinction) and probably your earlier scores don't matter much to your potential employers. As an example I can quote my own experience in this matter. I didn't have First Class in HIghSchool but in College I worked very hard to get Distinction and I continued that tendency in Post Graduate (M Tech) program to get high scores and there good recommendations from my professors which helped me to get into MS in America.So to answer your question, this shouldn't matter at all, though could be some employers who might be picky about this. But most employers do not care that much about earlier academics. How well you can do things currently is what matters. So roll up your sleeves and show what you are capable of.

10 :: I am form dr B.V.RAJU institute of technology, i am having a backlog in my 3-ii semester as i was absent for that exam, will it be any problem for me for my jobs which i apply?

You will certainly asked to give valid reason for the backlog. Most of all, major companies will insist only on candidates with consistent track record and who average percentage over 60-70%.