In Charge Computer Science Department Interview Preparation Guide
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In Charge Computer Science Department related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as In Charge Computer Science Department. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

50 In Charge Computer Science Department Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know what is the motive behind building a school?

The motive behind building middle school is to fill the gap between elementary and high school and easy transition of students into adolescence.

2 :: Tell us what will be your approach when a lesson does not work well?

☛ Try to analyse what went wrong
☛ Concentrate on the weakness of the lessons
☛ Make the content easy and more comprehensive
☛ Utilize useful resource
☛ Take advice and guidance from other experienced teachers

3 :: Tell us according to you what is the role of parents towards students in a school?

☛ Parents should be supportive
☛ Parents should try to understand their child learning ability and motivate them to improve further
☛ Parents should not oppose on their liking and dislike towards the subject
☛ Parents should tell the student that it is ok to fail
☛ Parents should encourage students to learn new things
☛ Parents should track their progress in schools
☛ Parents should build qualities like patience, hard work and practice

4 :: Explain me what are the duties of a school teachers?

High school teacher duties includes

☛ Prioritizing teaching methods
☛ Preparing material for seminars and presentations
☛ Enforcing disciplinary actions
☛ Conducting progress reports
☛ Assessment of student progress
☛ Lecturing and discussing concepts
☛ Making administrative and budget decisions

5 :: Please explain how can a teacher handle a weak student?

☛ A teacher can motivate weak student by motivating them for the subject they are interested in
☛ Sometimes the teacher has to realize specially weak student about their strength and its capability
☛ Teacher can confront individually with the student about the problem he is facing
☛ Teacher could adopt different teaching methods, so it’s easy for the student to understand the thing
☛ Teacher must encourage such student to express their view on the subject or any topic
☛ Teacher must create an ambience that make them feel equally important and unbiased

6 :: Tell us how teacher can involve parents in students’ progress?

☛ Regular parent’s conference: One-to-one contact is the best way to communicate with parents. In a conference, teacher need to discuss the student progress and any concern parents has about the student
☛ Use technology: Teacher should post about assignment, project due dates and event information on their school website so parents can be aware of the latest updates and events going on the school. Providing an e-mail is another effective way to communicate with parents
☛ Open House: Encourage parents to participate as classroom volunteers, and become a member of parent teacher organization. Open house is another medium to keep parents updated with essential information they will need throughout the year
☛ Monthly Newsletter: It is an easy way to keep parents informed about their child progress. Newsletter includes information like school events, assignment due dates, monthly goals, volunteer opportunities, etc.

7 :: Tell us what strategies would you use to help struggling students?

Everyone learns differently and the great teachers are not the ones who help the students who get it easily but the ones who help the struggling students.

8 :: Why are you passionate about CS?

I think passion is huge. And it can’t easily be faked.

9 :: Please explain how do you teach to the state standards?

If you interview in the United States, school administrators love to talk about state, local, or national standards! Reassure your interviewer that everything you do ties into standards. Be sure the lesson plans in your portfolio have the state standards typed right on them. When they ask about them, pull out your lesson and show them the close ties between your teaching and the standards.

10 :: Tell us how do you communicate with parents?

This question will come up at almost every elementary school interview. It’s fairly common in the middle school and high school as well. You might have a weekly parent newsletter that you send home each week. For grades 3 and up, you may require students to have an assignment book that has to be signed each night. This way, parents know what assignments are given and when projects are due. When there are discipline problems you call home and talk to parents. It's important to have an open-door policy and invite parents to share their concerns at any time.