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4 IBM QMF Questions and Answers:

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Mostly Asked  IBM QMF Job Interview Questions and Answers
Mostly Asked IBM QMF Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: What is QMF?

Query Management Facility is a query tool invented by IBM, for interfacing with their DB2 system. The most recent version is Version 9.2.

2 :: What are differences between QMF and SPUFI?

The biggest difference between QMF and SPUFI is that QMF is
a query/reporting environment with the ability to format
reports. SPUFI is just a quick and dirty SQL execution
engine. If you need to produce nice looking reports, enable
user input to a query, or store your queries and reports
for future usage, QMF is a much better technology for doing


Both SPUFI(sql processing using file input) and
QMF(query management facility) appears to be same,but in
QMF it will genartae report for related query

some companies they use SPUFI or QMF (advanced version)

4 :: How to execute a query in QMF at a particular time?

in ispf pannel press 9 next hit enter
then we will get qmf starting menu
then press f6
then we will enter into thw qmf pannel
then write a query
select * from table name;
press f2 it takes some time to do process
then we will get selected table detail.
IBM QMF Interview Questions and Answers
4 IBM QMF Interview Questions and Answers