Essential Game Graphics Designer Interview Preparation Guide
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Game Graphics Designer related Frequently Asked Questions in various Graphics / Game Designer job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

51 Graphics / Game Designer Questions and Answers:

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Essential  Graphics / Game Designer Job Interview Questions and Answers
Essential Graphics / Game Designer Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Which graphic companies do you like most?

Name some of the famous companies that you idolize. Tell about some of the best creations they have given. Give reason of your liking. Also add that you see yourself in the same competition. Be precise and confident.

2 :: How to organize layers as in Photoshop?

For example you create a Ball in 1st layer and then in second layer you create the background. But you should lock all the layers and unlock the layer which u r working, because unlocked layers will be active always(active means, if u want to drag the ball, background layers also will be affected).

3 :: Describe Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop CS2 introduces a new type of layer called a Smart Object layer. Smart Objects are a little like symbols in Illustrator. Smart objects can consist of pixel-based content or vector-based content, like an Illustrator drawing placed in a Photoshop document. With smart objects, you can make multiple copies of a single object and all copies will be updated when one of the copies is edited ? but you can still apply layer styles and adjustment layers to the individual smart objects without affecting all copies, which provides for a lot of flexibility. Pixel-based smart objects also remember their original size and can be transformed multiple times without loss.

4 :: List the benefits of Photoshop Elements 13?

☛ It's easier than ever to sync your mobile photos with Elements to free up memory on your phone and do fun transformations. Or sync your Elements photos with your mobile, so you can access any memory anywhere.
☛ Re-imagine black-and-white photos with new Guided Edits. Make a single color pop against a B&W background, create hybrids of color and B&W, and more.
☛ Photo remixes and mash-ups are easy - just pull something out of one photo, pop it into another, and the color and lighting blend for a realistic-looking scene.
☛ Get great crops for great compositions. Elements suggests four different options - you just pick your favorite.
☛ Put a cool twist on your Facebook page by blending your profile and cover photos.

5 :: How you can organize layers in Photoshop?

A layers shows a picture or image. To organize layers in Photoshop, place various images in separate layers. Lock the unused layers and unlock the layers which are in use. When two or more layers need to be changed, unlock the layers.

6 :: How to select an exact color to match?

To sample the color as foreground color, we use the eye-dropper tool. Select the foreground color square, use the paint bucket tool or brush tool for covering the area. You can also use Clone Stamp Tool. Now use the key Alt+ and click where you want the color from and hold down the mouse button to cover up the area.

7 :: Define Lasso tools in Adobe Photoshop and name them?

With lasso tools precise area of an image can be selected, just by tracing the selection outlines the areas are selected.
☛ Simple Lasso Tool
☛ Polygonal Lasso Tool
☛ Magnetic Lasso Tool

8 :: How to reduce noise in an image in Adobe Photoshop?

Reduce noise option is helpful to reduce the color and luminance effect in the image. To reduce the noise in an image, you have to go in a menu bar, select a filter menu, and in that you will see an option for NOISE. Again, clicking on it, it will show other option including reducing noise.

9 :: Can a person use bamboo tablet in Photoshop if yes then how?

Yes, you can use bamboo tablet in Photoshop. After installing the bamboo tablet software, open the software. Once done, the next step is to configure the four hotkeys of Bamboo tablet with the help of the software available in tablet. Create a new document and open the Photoshop, you can now have Photoshop with a bamboo tablet.

10 :: Can you please explain difference between PSB (Photoshop Big) and PSD (Photoshop Document)?

Both are file formats to store digital images. There is very less difference between PSB and PSD, what they differ is how they are stored and used. PSD is a default extension for Photoshop files and it can support the file size of 30,000 by 30,000 pixels. While for creating big documents or large image .psb file format is used, and it can save an image size upto 300,000 by 300,000 pixels.

11 :: What is the mean of resizing images and what are the parameters to change the size of the picture?

To suit a particular purpose of the application re-sizing of the images is done.
The parameters to change the size of image are:
☛ Type of image or picture
☛ Size of pixels
☛ Background resolution

12 :: Explain gradient in Adobe Photoshop?

Gradients are a great way to introduce eye-catching and flashy graphics in your pages.

13 :: How to re-size the image in Photoshop?

To resize the image in Photoshop you have to go into menu bar, under menu bar you will find an option "Image Size". On clicking that option, it will open a dialog box, by which you can adjust the size of the image.

14 :: Why should one use Photoshop Elements 13?

☛ Want to bring out the best in their photos.
☛ Enjoy taking photos of family, friends, and activities in their lives.
☛ Need an easy way to organize and quickly find their photos.
☛ Want to get their mobile photos onto their computer.
☛ Want to have access to their Elements photos on the web and on their smartphone and tablet.
☛ Like to do things to their photos such as remove people or objects, move objects around, and just make them look better.
☛ Like to express themselves creatively through their photos.
☛ Want an easy way to share their photos with others.
☛ Want to create personal photo keepsakes.

15 :: Define swatches palettes in Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop provides two palettes for selecting color:
a) Swatch Palettes
b) Color Palettes.
Some specific colors can be used without remembering the numeric color values. Also, colors can be extracted from an available image. Default swatches and custom swatches are also an additional option for the users.
☛ What kind of tool Photoshop is?
☛Name few open source alternatives of Photoshop?
☛ What are the minimum system requirements to run Photoshop? Is it possible to run Photoshop over Linux?
☛ Compare Photoshop with gimp?
☛ List the features & capabilities of Photoshop?
☛ Name the color spaces supported by photoshop?
☛ Name all of the Photoshop panels?
☛ What do you understand by birds-eye-view?
☛ What is the significance of history panel?
☛ If you are given with an image which is blurred, which tools you would use in order to sharpen it up?
☛ How can you reduce noise of an image?
☛ What do you understand by red-eye removal?
☛ Is it possible to create animations through Photoshop?
☛ Mention the list of file formats supported by Photoshop?
☛ Name the brushes you have used in Photoshop?
☛ What is difference between Adobe's Photoshop & Adobe's Photoshop Extended?
☛ Which color models Photoshop uses?
☛ What is the extension of a Photoshop Document?
☛ What are the layers & masks in Photoshop?
☛ What is PSB & how it is different from PSD?
☛ What is a Photoshop plug-in? Name few of them.
☛ What are four main components of Photoshop work-space?
☛ How many menus will you find on the menu bar? List all of them.
☛ What is the shortcut to zoom back to 100%?
☛ How to find out the name of the too, if you do not know?
☛ What is default color for foreground & background in photoshop?
☛ How can you make an image transparent?
☛ Which tool you would prefer to use when you want to crop a human portrait from an image?
☛ How one can re-size an image in photoshop?
☛ How will you pick color from an image?
☛ What is a smart object?
☛ What is method of making a color gradient in photoshop?
☛ Which too(s) will you choose to slice up an image in Adobe Photoshop?
☛ How can you create artistic borders for an image?
☛ What is the quickest way to achieve artistic borders?
☛ Explain about stress analysis in Adobe Photoshop?
☛ How do we print grid in Photoshop?
☛ What are Bezier curves? How can they be plotted in the photoshop?
☛ Can you make gif animations using photoshop tool?
☛ How can we align layers of an image relative to each other?
☛ What all operations you can perform over a layer?
☛ What is a lasso tool? For what purposes it can be used?
☛ Name few cropping techniques that could be performed with photoshop?
☛ How can you adjust the zoom level of the canvas?
☛ How can one achieve dodging, burning & smudging effects in photoshop?
☛ What is a clone tools?
☛ What is a heal tool?
☛ What do you mean by Gaussian Blur?
☛ How can you draw fuzzy lines in photoshop? Which tool will you prefer to use?
☛ Name few file formats to which a photoshop project can exported to?

21 :: Explain difference between the Photoshop elements/Photoshop and Photoshop lightroom software?

☛ Photoshop Elements is designed for everyday consumers who are just getting started with photo editing and want an easy way to organize, transform, create, and share their photos on their computers or while on the go, from their mobile devices.*
☛ Photoshop Light room addresses the workflow needs of professional and advanced amateur photographers, enabling them to import, process, organize, and showcase large volumes of digital photographs.
☛ Photoshop is the professional standard for creating compelling images, designs, 3D artwork, and videos.

22 :: How to slice up an image in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended?

Well, I just got Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and I saw that there is no slice tool. I found that kind of strange. I mean, that is a HUGE tool. All master web designers use the slice tool to make their websites which is what I need it for. So could someone please tell me how I slice an image in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended? Thanks!

23 :: Explain difference between Photoshop elements and Adobe premiere elements?

Photoshop Elements is designed for consumer photo enthusiasts who want to organize, transform, create, and share their photo memories via their computer, the web, or their mobile devices. Premiere Elements is designed for consumer video enthusiasts who want to organize, edit, enhance, and share their video memories via their computer, the web, or their mobile devices. Both apps share a common Organizer for easy access to all photos and videos. They're sold separately or bundled together as Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements.

24 :: Define stress analysis in Adobe Photoshop?

People working on these areas as a aerospace engineers should have familiarity and exposure to NASTRAN and MATLAB with knowledge on space environment and modeling of flexible dynamics. These aerospace engineers will be responsible to conduct stress analysis on metallic and composite structures. NASTRAN, IDEAD, Oracle and PATRAN proficiency level is required. Their duties also include on aircraft which are metallic and composite structures. This includes and understanding of control surface stiffness and loop calculations, finite element modeling (FEM), fatigue testing requirement and analysis.

25 :: What is elements 13 in Photoshop?

Photoshop Elements 13 lets you take your photos with you wherever you go. Make quick edits, add artistic touches like a pro, or transform your photos to show your vision. Express your creativity in beautiful photo books and cards. Access them on the go. And always find any photo, fast.
Graphics / Game Designer Interview Questions and Answers
51 Graphics / Game Designer Interview Questions and Answers