Tricky Adobe Edge Animation Interview Preparation Guide
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Adobe Edge Animation frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Adobe Edge. These interview questions and answers on Adobe Edge Animation will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Adobe Edge Animation job interview

13 Adobe Edge Questions and Answers:

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Tricky  Adobe Edge Job Interview Questions and Answers
Tricky Adobe Edge Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: How to add excel with adobe edge?

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2 :: Can you explain why is Edge Animate free?

Adobe Edge Animate offering the first full release of the product for free.

3 :: Can you explain Does Edge Animate support HTML5 tags like canvas, video or audio?

No Edge Animate does not support content creation with canvas, video or audio, but it can work with HTML that contains these tags.

4 :: How to create interactive content with Edge Animate?

Edge Animate includes interactivity features such as looping, hyperlinks, and animation control.

5 :: Is Adobe Edge Animation make changes to the HTML of our web pages?

Everything that Edge Animate edits is created and stored in external JavaScript and CSS files. The only modification to the HTML of the web page is to include to these files and the required core jQuery and animation JavaScript framework. It is non-intrusive to the HTML and preserves CSS-based layouts.

6 :: What types of graphics files support by Edge Animate to import?

Edge Animate works with
PNG and
GIF file formats.

7 :: How to edit code outside of Adobe Edge Animation?

Code can be edited outside of Adobe Edge Animation, since Edge Animate works directly with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, any external code editor, including Edge Code, can be used. Actions code created in Edge Animate can also be edited by accessing the project’s “edgeActions.js” file.

8 :: How to edit code in Edge Animate?

Adobe Edge Animate features an Actions Editor that lets us enter custom JavaScript code for a function. A built-in code snippet library is also available in the Actions Editor for commonly used functions such as go to, stop, hyperlink, etc.

9 :: Tell me what type of documents can Adobe Edge Animate work with?

Edge Animate can open and add animation to HTML documents.

10 :: Do you know What types of animated content can we create or work with in Edge Animate?

We can create compositions from scratch in Edge Animate, using drawing and text tools or imported web graphics. We can also add motion to existing HTML documents.

11 :: How to create animated content in Edge Animate?

Adobe Edge Animate features a WebKit-based design surface and an intuitive timeline. You can animate HTML elements such as text, images (including SVG format) and more by modifying their visual properties in conjunction with the timeline.

12 :: Do you know What languages does Edge Animate support?

Edge Animate is available in the following languages:
Italian, and

13 :: What is Adobe Edge Animate?

Edge Animate is a new motion and interaction tool for creating animated, interactive content using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Edge Animate is designed to be powerful yet approachable and easy to use and this tool is free of cost.
Adobe Edge Interview Questions and Answers
13 Adobe Edge Interview Questions and Answers