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Visualization interview questions part 7:


☛ There are three types of variable we use in information visualization. What are they? Explain them.
☛ Scatter-plot matrices are widely used in field of information visualization. What kind of data do it represent?
☛ What does a cyclic means in context of visualization?
☛ What is difference between rollover & brushing?
☛ What is sunburst model? How information can be represented in it?
☛ What are the major problems in 3D visualizations? How can they be solved?
☛ Describe several information visualizations that you believe will be possible and useful with the widespread adoption of virtual reality systems?
☛ Name & describe few techniques that are suitable for representing huge amount of data. What are their relative merits?
☛ Explain what Tufte meant by 'Data-Ink Maximization'?

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