Military Analyst Question:
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Tell us what drew you into this field and why? Do you see similarity with your peers?


While I worked in law enforcement as a volunteer, I have to admit I grew up reading Tom Clancy novels and I liked what I read about analysts in the books (minus the over the top James Bond type stuff Jack Ryan always lands himself in) and was drawn to the intelligence field. I specifically plotted out my education to make myself attractive for intelligence work even before 9/11, and on 9/11 I was already half way through my master’s in criminal justice and intelligence. The events on 9/11 just solidified my life choice. Now with my education and specialization I wouldn’t consider a job outside public service, I wanted to utilize it and I thought the FBI was ideal for that.

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Tell me can you let readers know the history and role of the FBI analyst?Explain me a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it?