Broadcast Journalist Question:
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Tell me who is you favourite journalist and why?

Broadcast Journalist Interview Question
Broadcast Journalist Interview Question


This gives you an opportunity to let the interviewer know what inspires you and the type of interests you have. The likeliness is that you have several journalists you admire for different reasons so try to pick one that's most related to the position, and who most reflects the style of the publication. Give solid reasons why you like their style and explain how you have developed your own style through examples. Everybody has influences, and the way we work them into our work is a real test of originality. Remember this doesn't have to just be about writing style. You could admire a journalist for the stories they cover and the position they've taken on certain issues. With this in mind, make sure you know where the company stands on certain issues so you don't voice anything that could contradict their image. Many publications have well documented political affiliations so be very careful not to criticise these. As any good journalist should know, research is key.

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