IBM REXX Question:
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How to code rexx in jcl to read in a lpar
cpu usage file and select 1. date, time 2. some system names 3. cpu usage for each system. The input file has hourly reporting. The output file (CSV)is for excel use. Run in batch mode. Output in FB?

IBM REXX Interview Question
IBM REXX Interview Question


to get the system time and date , u can use following code
time = time()
date = date()

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i am getting error while editing macro, its not even entering into the macro, getting error like
+++ RC(-3) +++? any idea
Suppose If there are a set of statements and each has a word "value" in it, If I want to display all these statements so that the word "value" is aligned, then how do
I code this in REXX.

e.g - The value of X is Y.
Wot is its value?
Do u know its value?
I want to know its value?