Broadcast Journalist Question:
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Explain what Personal Qualities Do You Have That Would Make a Great Journalist?

Broadcast Journalist Interview Question
Broadcast Journalist Interview Question


Journalism requires a delicate balance of personal and technical skills and employers will want to be sure that you have the right stuff. Since it's such a competitive field you must convey your drive, energy and dedication to the job. You'll need it! Journalism is also a deadline-driven business, so highlight your ability to work in pressure-cooker environments, your interest in teamwork and your people skills. A talent for handling difficult situations with diplomacy and sensitivity is like gold to potential employers. Finally, resourcefulness and creativity in problem solving are important for sourcing stories, managing difficult projects, working in teams and meeting deadlines. Show your potential boss you have all of these qualities and more by discussing specific instances where you met challenges and defeated them, either culled from your schooling, another job or an internship.

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