Hardest UDP Interview Preparation Guide
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User Datagram Protocol (UDP) job interview preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of UDP frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many User Datagram Protocol (UDP) interviews

13 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Questions and Answers:

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Hardest  User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Job Interview Questions and Answers
Hardest User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Which is the faster protocol either UDP or TCP?

UDP is the faster protocol as it doesn't wait for
acknowledgement so it is not at all having reliability as
compared to TCP.

2 :: Is the ip address of computer and modems is same or not?

No. The IP address of a system is the logical address where
as the address of the MODEM is the MAC(Media Access Control)
adderess, it is the physical address provided by the

3 :: What do you mean about isp, and what is work?

ISP: (internet service providers)who provides internet
work of ISP:
1)providing internet services i.e ips
2) web server sevices
3) Virtual hosting(manage web server ,domain and users
intenet related works)

4 :: Tell me Can SSL support UDP, as SSL support TCP?

No SSL can not support in UDP beacuse in UDP is a
connectionless protocol it is focused on the speed than the

5 :: A device is sending out data at the rate of 2000 bps. How long does it take to send out 100 bits? How long does it take to send out a signal character (8 bits)? How long does it take to send a file of 100,000 characters?

how long does it take to send out 100 bits?
100/2000 = 0.05 sec

How long does it takes to send out a single character of 8 bits?
8/2000 = 0.004 sec

How long does it take to send a file of 100000 characters?
As, single character is of 8 bits.So,
{8*100000}/2000 = 400 sec

7 :: A computer monitor has a resolution of 1300 by 1000 pixels.
If each pixel uses 1024 colors, how many bits are needed to send the complete contents of a screen?

We need 10 bits to show 1024 colors in a binary system,
therefore 10 bits are required for each pixel to be
We need 1300*1000*10 bits to send a complete content of a

8 :: How many types of Transmission are there?

Two types of transmissions

1. Serial
2. parallel

serial means sending one bit at a time on a single wire
used over long distances
more efficient
used to send data to external systems

Parallel means sending bits at a time on different wires
used over short distances
efficient but not serial
used to send data in internal transfers

9 :: What is throjan?

Named after the Trojan Horse of ancient Greek history, a
trojan is a network software application designed to remain
hidden on an installed computer. Trojans generally serve
maliciious purposes and are therefore a form of malware,
like viruses.
Trojans sometimes, for example, access personal information
stored locally on home or business computers, then send
these data to a remote party via the Internet.
Alternatively, trojans may serve merely as a "backdoor"
application, opening network ports to allow other network
applications access to that computer. Trojans are also
capable of launching Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. A
combination of firewalls and antivirus software protect
networks against trojans.

Trojans are similiar to worms. In contrast to worms and
viruses, however, trojans do not replicate themselves or
seek to infect other systems once installed on a computer.

10 :: How to be sure that a UDP message is received?

In IP Header Protocol field is available,it tells which
protocol it is using as a transportlayer,if this field is
having 6(in decimal)it indicates TCP,17(in decimal)it
indicates UDP.

11 :: How to get IP header of a UDP message?

Actually ip header is not in a udp message.. it a comes at
network link layer while udp messege generate at transport
layer so that it's a tricky question and meaningless.....i
think so... may be not sure

12 :: Write UDP/SOCK_DGRAM applications?

to implement the udp service we must creat socket by socket
system call which takes argument as SOCK_DGRAM which is
used for to pass the data in the form of datagrams.

13 :: What is What is the major difference between UDP and TCP/IP Protocol?

The first thing is UDP is connection less where as TCP is
connection oriented.The broadcasting and multicasting
software is available in the UDP only.Why because it is
connection less hence we can broadcast the packets very
easily,no need to wait for connection like in tcp,which
takes more delay.
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Interview Questions and Answers
13 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Interview Questions and Answers