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Software Design Tools frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Software Design Tools. These interview questions and answers on Software Design Tools will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Software Design Tools job interview

8 Software Design Tools Questions and Answers:

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Important  Software Design Tools Job Interview Questions and Answers
Important Software Design Tools Job Interview Questions and Answers

2 :: Do you fix bugs before writing new code?

yes we can fix bugs before writing new code if we know the
flow of the process & Conditions of the processes.

3 :: Are you familiar with collaboration tools? Which communication method do you prefer for talk, email and chat?

Tools for sharing information and for working on a common
platform that could make easier communication between
different groups or teams within an organization. WebEx is a
very good collaboration tool. Best tools for talk - Phone,
email - Office mail, Chat - Same Talk, MSN IM, IP Messenger etc.

4 :: What security tools have you used?

i used anti spyware program in my computer to protect my system from virus.then Nmap its network mapper for network security.Nessus Remote Security Scanner.

5 :: What is windows 7?

windows 7 is a version of Microsoft was intended to be a more focussed, incremental upgrade to the windows line..some standard application in prior release hav been removed in this version like calendar,windows movie maker 7 included so many new features such as windows security center, windows media center,new items hev been added in contorlpanel.

6 :: Explain the structure of bug life cycle?

The following steps we follow in the bug life cycle.

1)execute the test, compare the actual result with the
documented expected result.if any discepancy exist, log the
discrepancy with the status as NEW.

2)tester/testleader(depends upon the company) OPEN that
one and review with the developer about discrepancy.

3)if it truly a discrepancy developer rectify that one and
update its status to FIXED.

4)it is routed back to the tester for regression testing

5)tester retest that one and compare the actual result with
the expected result.both are same he close the defect and
update its status to CLOSED.

6)if it is not corrected tester assign it to the developer
and update its status to RE-OPEN.

7 :: Disadvantages of v model?

• Very rigid, like the waterfall model.
• Little flexibility and adjusting scope is
difficult and expensive.
• Software is developed during the implementation
phase, so no early prototypes of the software are produced.
• Model doesn’t provide a clear path for problems
found during testing phases.

8 :: What is the rad model?

Radio Authentication Devices

These models are mainly used for the development in voice
call Services & Also it is mainly used in Black Berry
Services for Reaching teh Messages as early as possible.
Software Design Tools Interview Questions and Answers
8 Software Design Tools Interview Questions and Answers