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Siebel Common Frequently Asked Questions in various Siebel Basic Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Siebel Common with the help of this Siebel Basic Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Siebel Basic Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

62 Siebel Basic Questions and Answers:

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Operational  Siebel Basic Job Interview Questions and Answers
Operational Siebel Basic Job Interview Questions and Answers

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2 :: What exactly use of s_party concept in siebel?

i think it is basically for improve the performance.bacause of its inner joins

4 :: How to configure a MVG?

To Configure MVG Both join and link are necessary.Expand BC Where u have the joined field. Go to multi value link create a new record give any name as it should not be null. In Destination BC property choose the BC where the joined field is originating (Child BC).In Destination link press F2 and pick the appropriate link.Go to field of parent BC create a field as ssa primary and give a join if BC has extensions like S_org_ext for account BC and give the column name (foreign key). Thengo to Multivalue link again and under primary ID field press F2 and select this ssa primary field. Go to Multivalue Field - create new record - give the same name of joined field but in different case just to differentiate( Ex: EMAIL for actual email field) under MVL property press F2 and select MVL name displayed. Under Field property press F2 and select 'email'.Open Wizard - select MVG applet - select child BC- Select all the fields along with SSA PRIMARY FIELD - select popup list as web template. Copy this MVG applet name and paste it in MVG applet property of EMAIL field in list - list column of parent list applet. (Ex: delete the old 'email' record, create new record and select EMAIL field. make changes in Edit web layout of parent list applet and compile. Add the necessary buttons in the MVG applet. IF configuring MVG for a M:M link u need to mentions association child applet to the MVG applet created. If that is 1:M link then a foreign key relationship exists.{Simple way to say: Create MVL(multivalue Link), mention primary field ID- Create MVF(multivalue field) - Replce the joined SVF(single value field) in parent applet list list column with the MVF. Create MVF applet paste the applet in MVG applet property. Compile.create new record in MVF give foreignkey name and under field give ID for 1:M link. For M:M link paste Association child applet associate applet property of MVG applet }

5 :: Tell me When do you use Property Sets in Siebel?

Property Sets are the Hierarchical structures of Variable Names and Values. These Property Sets can be used in Workflow processes Parameters or for any input or output Parameters in scripting.

Ex: var input = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

var output = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

after this we can store sets of Variables and their values.

6 :: Explain What is foreign key table in Siebel?

Foreign key table is the property for a column in the table. it specifies for a column from which table this reference has been came.

7 :: How to assign responsibilities to employees in Siebel?

Go To SiteMap->UserAdministration->Employees

In the Employee Applet Query for the required Employee and there in u will find a Responsibilty field just click that to find the required responsibitly and add it.If required set it to primary

8 :: What is the use of catch in escript?

The catch clause is used to handle the exception. To raise an exception, use the throw statement.
When you want to trap potential errors generated by a block of code, place that code in a try
statement, and follow the try statement with a catch statement. The catch statement is used to
process the exceptions that may occur in the manner you specify in the exception_handling_block.
The following example demonstrates the general form of the try statement with the catch clause. In
this example, the script continues executing after the error message is displayed:
catch( e )
"Something bad happened: %s

9 :: When do you use genbscript.exe?

Genbscript stands for generate browser script. genbscript is used to generate browser scripts from command line interface.

Genbscript is used to generate browser scripts. It is created on application server using the srf files. The genB files generated on application servers are then transferred on the webservers.

10 :: How to import LOVs?

You can export LOVs using Application Deployment Manager.

LOV's can be imported by using EIM, if the Number of LOV's is small you can add it manually from the UI.Using ADM also you can migrate LOV's

11 :: What are different types of Tables?

There are 4 types of tables in siebel

1) Base Table (Ex: s_contact, s_user)

2) Extension table ( Ex: s_contact_x)

3) EIM tables

4) Intersection Tables (Ex: s_org_bu)

12 :: What is the difference between an organization and division in Siebel?

Organizations can be used to control data visibility, Divisions cannot.Divisions can be used to set Default Currencies.

13 :: How is Siebel 7.x data model is different from Siebel 6.0 data model?

S_PARTY is the base tables and S_CONTACT,S_ORG_EXT,S_POSTN, S_USER are now extension tables. Siebel 6.x was dedicated application while from Siebel 7.x onwards we can access Siebel application via web.

not only s_party table but also physical user interface layer will not be there in 6.x

14 :: How to specify a view to be displayed as aggregate view in Siebel 7.7?

when adding view to screen specify the type as aggregate view.But Before that you should create the parent category.then add this parent category to aggregate view.

Parent category for Aggregate view is not required. If there is a parent category for an aggregate view, then aggregate view will appears as a link in the view drop-down list in applet headers, or it will appears as a link in the link bar below screen tabs.
Link is used for Master Detail View of two BCs. where as MVL is used to view the child records using MVG. MVL uses Link to get the records from the child BC.

16 :: When you have Pre Default Value and Post Default value for a Field, which one will be stored in the Database?

Pre Default Value will be defaulted when new record is created. Post Default Value will be defaulted if there is no value specified for the field. so, Pre Default Value will be stored in the Database. harsha: you can add quistions by clicking the hyperlink on the above bar "Ask Quistion".

Whenever a record gets created Predefault value takes prescedence and get sets, however suppose if you now blank out that value and step off the record Post default value will be set on that field.So postdefault value get sets when you actually save the record and field should be blank

17 :: Why do we need to create employees at the database in Siebel?

To enable the employee to connect to the database using the Application and have database access, the user corresponding to that employee should be created in the Database

18 :: Explain What is detailed category in configuration,and its use?

In an application, we see a page tab let say Account. Below that we have let say My/My Teams/All Accounts. Each has a form applet showing account name, address etc. Related to this we have several tabs like account address, account profile?clicking on which show us accounts detail in that specific area.

So the Account is Aggregate category. My /my teams/all is Aggregate View?These tabs which will show details of Account is Detail Category. So any child object of a aggregate category showing details of an entity is Aggregate category.

19 :: What is constrainted picklist? Where you will drop the constraints?

Constrainted picklist displayed value based on contaraint used.

Add field to constraint in pickmap of a field where picklist has configured in BC and set constraint option of added field to true.

20 :: How to improve your performance in views?

The basic factors for performance decrease in views will be. more number of applets. which led to many links. and more joined fields in a single applet. MVG's which do not have the primaries set.
Link spec uses parent type default values & gets the value for the child record

22 :: Tell me What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create?

The employees would not be able to log in as you have to create a database login and password for the employee to login into the client application.

23 :: How to resolve Foreign Key in EIM?

Populate all User key columns which will resolve foreign key.

24 :: How to do validations in escripts and in configuration?

In Tools select the object definition,right click and select validate. this is used to check the correctness of values of a perticular object before going to store.

in escripting, once we write script then we can do validation by check syntax option.

25 :: What is Difference between LOV and Picklist??

LOV is to store the values for the picklist in the application admin and where as picklist is used to select the value from the list of values

LOV is list of values and this LOV contains all the values which r used in the picklist.
Siebel Basic Interview Questions and Answers
62 Siebel Basic Interview Questions and Answers