Palmistry Interview Preparation Guide
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Palmistry Frequently Asked Questions in various Palmistry job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

39 Palmistry Questions and Answers:

1 :: Do you know how can I use Palmistry?

Too often used as a fortune-telling tool, palmistry is actually much more useful as a self-improvement system. Your hands show who you really are, like a roadmap. A good palmist will be able to tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are and point you to the right direction in order to find happiness.

2 :: Explain me how Reliable is Palmistry?

The science itself is very reliable. The interpretation may vary. An in-depth study of your hand by an expert palmist can give you a wealth of information about you and your potential.

In the case of relationships, it is so reliable that from the moment I learned how to read palms, I didn't go out with a man without first looking at his hands! And even though, most of the time, I would have liked to be wrong in my analysis - when my Prince Charming's hands were telling me he was not Prince Charming -, I was unfortunately right, and the relationship didn't last!

3 :: Tell me what about reading future?

I think that ultimately character is future. What I mean by that is, one sees future in the terms of how they are now. The person you are, reflects the kind of future you are going to have. If you are an obsessive sort of person and insecure, then probably, that is going to create problems in your relationships. So you can make predictions about relationships based on your psychology and character. But also the lines might foretell a crisis and you must get the person to change, to prevent this. You also have to recognise that the character can change.

4 :: Tell me how do I photograph my hands for a reading?

Bright lighting, and an assistant, can be very helpful! Please take an image of both hands. Even if the photographs are taken individually, it’s good to have the context of the pair, spanning: each palm, back of the hands, and the edges.

5 :: Tell me is hand reading a science?

I wish I could answer "yes" to this, but the fact is that interpreting character and temperament from the hand has not been "scientifically proven" - yet! Despite the fact that hands have been studied for over 3,000 years, it was less than 150 years ago when scientists discovered that the hands are connected to the brain! Since then, thousands of research papers have been written about hands, see 'research' page

6 :: Tell me will I be healthy?

Health can be seen on the hand. Whether it will be a minor health issue or a serious health issue, this can be found out, and the approximate timing. However to pinpoint the exact cause may not be possible.

7 :: Do you know what is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a very ancient science which has been effectively used in India for more than 4,000 years. It is based on the holistic principle that our whole life is reflected in every part of our body. For instance, iridology studies the eyes, reflexology focuses on the feet, auriculotherapy is based on a representation of the body on the ear, and palmistry analyzes the hands.

8 :: Do you know which Hand should I Look at in Palmistry?

A good palmist will look at both hands.

If you are right-handed, your left hand is your inactive hand and it represents what you were born with, what you are like deep inside (your old habits).

Your right hand, or active hand, shows your resolutions and how you are leading your life presently.

If you are left-handed, your left hand is your active hand and your right one your inactive hand.

9 :: Explain how to do palmistry? How to read hands?

This question comes up a lot on the search engines. Or "palm lines, what does it mean?", " "how do palmists interpret hands?" etc. The answer is to read every palmistry book you can find, maybe go on a course, gather as much info as you can, try it out, test it on lots of people. Then you will gradually learn how to do it. It isn't something you can learn overnight. In fact you never stop learning. There are so many different palmistry traditions, hand reading theories, scientific discoveries to learn about. Everyone is unique so there are always new combinations of features to look at on people's hands. The combinations are the important thing. You have to look at every feature in conjunction with everything else on the hand. Don't get too hung up on signs and symbols, like "I have a star on my Luna Mount" etc. I don't believe that such markings are omens. In fact most aren't independent stars at all, but lines crossing at a central point, so interpret the lines and you may get an idea what the 'star' represents. If you want to learn, there is plenty of info out there - look up internet sites (see links page), read books (see books page for recommendations). Have fun ! It is a fascinating subject to study!

10 :: Suppose if I have several marriage lines, does it mean I will have more than one marriage? If I my marriage line goes downwards, will I get divorced?

No. The so-called marriage lines do not foretell marriage or divorce. A person with two or three lines can be married only once, and a person who marries several times or never marries at all can have just one line. A person with a straight line can get divorced and a person with a forked or downward line can be in a happy marriage. These lines are not reliable even when it comes to relationships. These lines on the edge of your hand, under the little finger, are the most unreliable lines on the hand.