Nuclear scientist Interview Preparation Guide
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Nuclear scientist related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Nuclear scientist. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

95 Nuclear scientist Questions and Answers:

1 :: If hired as Nuclear scientist, how do you intend on making a difference with our company?

You can trust me on any task in particular I am very sincere about the work assigned to me. And IIT Kanpur being an elite organisation in field of nuclear science I would be for me a silver opportunity to add a crown for this organization.

2 :: What is your greatest strength as Nuclear scientist?

Sincerity and ability to guide a team and my thirst for knowing new things are my greatest strengths.

3 :: Tell me have you ever been involved in an emergency setting? What actions did you and your team take?

Yes. It was during my b. Tech 3rd year again. When I was the coordinaror of music team and we had to perform in a given time slot. But at the final moment we got to know that we are getting a very less time. Then I had to convert a solo performance into a groul performance And we distributed the parts on the spot. The choros and the interlude and other things and we performed that song on stage and we did it in time with loss of some performances but everyone performed in that single song.

4 :: Explain me why are you the best candidate for us as Nuclear scientist?

I am very enthusiastic about having an specialization in this field and the research that I would carryout here. I am sincere and hard working and when given a tast I put my back into it.

5 :: Tell me why a career in nuclear power?

Its challenging. And it has a vast scope at least for the next 50 years. Because this is the branch of science where advancement in the field of science is directly affecting the common people. Electricity is the basic need of every one. And even if we consider the alarming rate of global warming it is very crucial that we develop our self towards nuclear technology.

6 :: What is angular acceleration?

Angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular velocity or speed of a body moving along a circular path.

7 :: What is Quantum tunnelling?

Quantum tunnelling is the process where the particle passes through an obstruction or barrier to reach at another end. It is referred as tunnelling as the particle as “dug” out the way through the potential barrier.

8 :: Explain me what is the speed of light in space?

In the space, light travels at a speed of 186,282 miles per second and sunlight takes about 8 min and 19 sec to reach the surface of the earth.

9 :: If Nuclear Plants Are So Cheap, Why Aren’t We Building Them Anymore?

Many nuclear plants are being built, they’re just not being built in the United States. China, India, and other developing countries, which need to keep up with massive growth in energy demand as they develop, are building nuclear plants as fast as they can. The high up-front costs of building nuclear plants and the uncertainty about how fast energy demand would grow in rich countries populated with high-energy consumers resulted in the United States and other developed countries turning away from nuclear. However, President Obama recently approved loan guarantees for two new reactors in Georgia and South Carolina and development funding for new reactor designs that are smaller and cheaper to build.

10 :: Tell me can nuclear power sites be terrorist-proof?

Al Qaeda has repeated expressed its intent to launch nuclear attacks on American soil. Pakistan’s nuclear facilities have been attacked three times since 2007. South Africa’s Pelindaba nuclear site was breached by gunman in 2007. According to Warren Buffet, concerned over his major stake in the insurance industry, a nuclear terrorist strike is matter not if, but when: “We’re going to have something in the way of a major nuclear [terrorist] event in this country. It will happen. Whether it will happen in 10 years or 10 minutes, or 50 years … it’s virtually a certainty.” Do we want to give terrorist elements–or even a “lone wolf” — thousands of new sources of radioactive material and the ability to kill thousands of people with one successful attack?