Geochemistry Interview Preparation Guide
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Geochemistry related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Geologist. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

65 Geochemistry Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain how has the earth changed since it was formed?

The earth has changed massively since it was formed. Earth was a ball of rock that was hit and changed by loads of impacts and meteor impacts.

2 :: Tell me how the asthenosphere works?

The asthenosphere is a layer of the earths crust. There are various definitions here is one of them from a geology resources definition list:
“A layer of soft but solid, mobile rock comprising the lower part of the upper mantle from about 100 to 350 kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface.”

3 :: Tell me how Continental heat flow is produced?

This is caused by the magma – the molten rock – that is underneath each of the plates of the earth and causes them to move and flow along.
This is the major cause of this phenomenon to the best of our current geological understanding.

4 :: Explain me what are examples of techno fossils?

In which case I guess that you might be referring to things such as nuclear waste and other waste products of our recent systems for instance rubbish dumps and similar.
We have also fired some artifacts into space, for instance on spacecraft that aliens might some time come across we have given a glimpse or snapshot of our lives at a particular time in history.

5 :: Do you know What is coal?

The remains of trees and shrubs grew millions of years ago, when the weather was mild and moist.

6 :: Do you know what is the earths core made of?

The outer core is liquid and the inner is solid. Both parts are made of alloy of two metals – iron and nickel, allowing the rise of the magnetic field that the earth exhibits and is so essential in protecting our existence.

7 :: Tell me what is the minimum depth needed for a feature to be considered a canyon?

In fact, it is a bit like considering when a few grains of sand become a heap of sand: there is no absolute point where something turns from a depression to a canyon.
The definition is simply a deep, narrow steep-sided valley, but the minimum depth is not absolute.

8 :: Tell me what minerals attract lightning?

Tall structures and things that are metal attract lightning, also trees do.
In fact, anything that is metallic containing mineral may seem to attract the lightning for instance things like iron.

9 :: Tell me where would you expect to find the oldest basalt on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean?

The oldest sea floor in the Atlantic that is made of basalt is to be found closest to the continents, the further into the ocean away from land that you go, the newer the sea floor.
This is because new sea floor is still being added in the middle of the ocean and therefore the banding and age of the rocks gets increasingly older the further you move from the centre of the ocean.

10 :: Do you know why does a glacier move?

It moves because the huge pressure of the ice and snow lowers the freezing point of its lower layers, causing them to melt.