Tricky Auction Clerk Interview Preparation Guide
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Auction Clerk related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Auction Clerk. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

66 Auctions Clerk Questions and Answers:

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Tricky  Auctions Clerk Job Interview Questions and Answers
Tricky Auctions Clerk Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 :: Tell me what are the types of software that you are comfortable with?

The answer to this question should be factual – detail the Windows based applications and other business management applications you have used and your level of competence for each.

2 :: Tell me what types of correspondence were you responsible for?

When answering clerical interview questions like this, indicate the level of responsibility you had with regard to generating and editing correspondence. Did you type correspondence from rough drafts, corrected copies, voice recordings, dictation or previous versions? Highlight your knowledge of English composition, spelling and grammatical rules. Explain how you ensured accuracy. Provide work samples to support your answer.

3 :: What can you make from this piece of paper?

'This is an opportunity for the interviewer to see how creative you are, whilst working under pressure,' 'If you manage to make an origami swan, fantastic! If, like most, you don't have such skills – it's the chance to see what you can create on the spot.

'If you're applying for a role where one of your main responsibilities is writing, for example a journalist, then you could say that you could make a multitude of stories from that one piece of paper without the help of origami.

'It's better to do this than spend half an hour folding it into intricate shapes and feeling totally out of your comfort zone.'

4 :: Tell me what experience do you have with handling money?

Detail what your responsibilities were in this area. Did you collect, count and disburse money? Was there any basic bookkeeping involved? Were you responsible for any banking transactions?

5 :: Why do you want to do this job as Auction Clerk?

This is a question that may be asked in the middle of the interview. It is asked to determine whether the applicant knows the ins and outs of the job and is serious.
The best way to answer this question is through giving a proper break down of the aspects of the job that you like, and how it fits your skills.

6 :: What fruit would you be?

'Depending on the role you are going for this will affect your answer. If you are applying for creative designer role, the more unusual the fruit, and reason why you chose it, the better. If it's an accountancy role, maybe you should go with a safer option. The important thing is that you are able to say why so that your personality shines through – that's what the interviewer will be looking for.'

7 :: What are the duties of an office clerk?

The duties of an office clerk includes

☛ Count, collect and disburse money, do basic bookkeeping and complete banking transactions
☛ Communicate with employees, customer and other individuals to answer questions
☛ Explain information and address complaints
☛ Answer telephones, direct calls, and note messages
☛ File, copy, sort and compile records of office activities, business transactions, and other activities
☛ Filing of invoices, contracts, bills, checks and policies
☛ Operate office machines like photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, c

8 :: Explain what experience do you have with setting up meetings?

How did you organize venues, inform participants, organize documentation, set up the meeting room? Were you also responsible for taking and distributing minutes?

9 :: Tell me what does document clerk does?

Document clerk does work like data entry, electronic data processing and drafting. Document clerk maintains office documents and makes sure that it is hand-over to the right person. They also create rough drafts or outlines that they must develop into appropriate reports and help other fellow workers in organizing documents. Office clerk also works with the IT department to facilitate communication between sub-branch and headquarters. Some companies hire office clerk straightaway from the high school while some have bachelor's degree.

10 :: Explain how do you prioritize your work as Auction Clerk?

Describe the techniques you use to organize your work. How do you determine the importance and urgency of a task? What else do you consider when prioritizing your work - for example, the available resources to complete the task? Show how you are able to use your judgment and plan the most appropriate course of action.

11 :: Explain what is your ‘words per minute' speed? What is the accuracy value that you have at that speed?

If you wish to know how much typing will be required of you, now is the time to inquire. Answer the question; you may wish to express your confidence that with greater time spent typing, your speed and accuracy will surely improve.

12 :: Tell me what subject knowledge can be additional help for office clerk?

Subject knowledge like

☛ Economics and Accounting
☛ Mathematics
☛ English language
☛ Clerical
☛ Custom and Accounting

13 :: What interests you most about this position as Auction Clerk?

This job is related to my academic field. I research many thing about high court clerk I came to know that I will get more experience and knowledge and tough time to be more efficient.

14 :: Explain me what does a revenue audit clerk do?

☛ Audit of companies financial report
☛ Inspection of account books and accounting systems
☛ Preparing detailed reports on audit findings
☛ Reporting to management about audit results and asset utilization
☛ Review data about capital stock, income, expenditures and capital stock
☛ Analyze and reporting annual reports
☛ Maintaining audit payroll and personnel records to determine worker's coverage compensation
☛ Updating financial report using software system, etc.

15 :: Explain what sort of information did you have to keep confidential in your last clerical job?

Show how you used your judgment to determine what types of information and situations to keep confidential. Give specific examples of the confidential information you managed. How was this information stored? How did you monitor it? What was the process for retrieving it?

16 :: What are your professional goals as Auction Clerk?

The purpose of this question is to understand your expected career trajectory. The hiring manager wants to know if you can plan for the future and what kind of goals you set. For instance, are you realistic? Are you ambitious? If you have target objectives in mind, state them. If not, talk about how you've focused on your personal and career development.

17 :: Most people that come into the court room already have a high level of stress, how will you treat them to help calm their nerves?

I would be friendly and smile and ask them how they are to begin. I would speak and act in a calm manner and let them know I want to help them.

18 :: Tell me about a time when you made a mistake. How did you handle it?

I have made mistakes, I took it to my immediate Supervisor to ensure corrections were made as soon as possible. I never guessed or made assumptions about anything I did as a court clerk.

19 :: Explain any innovations you successfully made in your last job to improve efficiency?

The interviewer wants to know if you are able to analyze a problem and come up with a workable solution. Show how you use your initiative to pro-actively make positive changes.

20 :: If we shrunk you to the size of a pencil and put you in a blender, how would you try to get out?

Candidates should bear in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to this – it's all down to interpretation,' he said. 'However, candidates should try to answer the question as best as possible, as this reveals that they are willing to solve an issue they are unfamiliar with.

21 :: Tell me about your education/training?

I am graduated in Accounting from a Brazilian school and I worked in a government office that here it would work as a probation office. I also took classes at NOVA and I am currently working at a legal firm in the united states.

22 :: Tell me what are the responsibilities of accounting clerk work?

☛ Maintains accounting records
☛ Maintains accounting database by entering data into the computer
☛ Verifying financial record using software program
☛ Determines the value of depreciable assets by help of software program
☛ Compares bank statements with general ledger

23 :: Explain your experience working in a court environment. What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it?

We ran things on value, and compatibility in which we always and found ways for improvements.

24 :: Explain how does your work experience equip you for this job?

Find the key abilities and skills required for this position in the job posting. Describe how you demonstrated these skills in your previous jobs.

Key skills for clerical positions usually include communicating with customers, employees and other individuals to answer questions and obtain and give information, taking and directing calls, filing, compiling, checking and distributing documents and correspondence, recording data and scheduling activities.

25 :: Explain what is the difference between office clerk and administrative assistant?

☛ Office clerk: On his part, office clerk has to communicate with all levels of executives and has to work with them. Their duties normally include answering phones, running errands, filing, mailing, typing, maintaining legal paperwork, etc.
☛ Administrative Assistant: Administrative assistant communicates with the company owner or top level executive. Their roles and responsibilities are much more than an office clerk; they supervise staffs, arrange conferences, review submissions, arrange meetings, etc.
Auctions Clerk Interview Questions and Answers
66 Auctions Clerk Interview Questions and Answers