Quality Auditor Question:
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Tell us the steps before an audit processes?

Quality Auditor Interview Question
Quality Auditor Interview Question


Audit process can be long and tedious depending on how you go about them. There is need to know how to tackle this question, here is how;

☛ Ensure the authority of the audit team is established- it will enhance the co-operation from the auditees
☛ Have an internal audit entry conference meeting with the organization to be on the same page of what is to take place, include timelines and the necessary materials.
☛ Decide which areas of the company will be audited and the frequency of the audits. Prepare as yearly audit schedule and distribute
☛ Determine the purpose of the audit whether it complies with government regulations, quality standards, internal procedures and systems
☛ Organize a meeting with the auditors to discuss plan, scope and purpose of the audit
☛ Read the documents you are auditing against.

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