Forensic Audit Question:
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Tell me why you? Why us? Why accounting? Why Forensic Audit?

Forensic Audit Interview Question
Forensic Audit Interview Question


☛ Where do you see yourself in five years?
☛ How would your previous supervisor describe you to me?
☛ What's something you'd like to share that's not on your resume?
☛ What motivates you to work hard and achieve your goals?
☛ What was your biggest regret from college?
☛ What are your flaws?
☛ What's your biggest weakness and how do you try and develop yourself to improve in that area?
☛ What are the top three things you're most proud of?
☛ What unique attributes would you bring to the firm?
☛ What distinguishes you from the dozens of other candidates we're considering?
☛ Who's your hero?
☛ What makes you want to work with us?
☛ Tell us what you know about our firm.
☛ Describe your ideal employer.
☛ What kind of firm culture are you looking for?
☛ What areas of accounting (tax, forensics, auditing, etc.) are you most interested in and why?
☛ What's your understanding of busy season hours and commitments?
☛ How did you decide to study accounting?
☛ What was your favorite accounting course and why?
☛ What motivates you to want to be in public accounting?
☛ How have your previous jobs prepared you for an entry-level position at a public accounting firm?
☛ What do you know about CPA firms?
☛ How would working for us fit into your overall career goals?
☛ What are you looking to achieve professionally from your career with us?
☛ How are your Excel skills and knowledge of accounting software?
☛ Why did you choose to be an accountant?

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