System Auditor Question:
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Technical System Auditor Job Interview Questions:

System Auditor Interview Question
System Auditor Interview Question


☛ What’s the difference between a router, a bridge, a hub and a switch?
☛ Please explain how the SSL protocol works.
☛ What is a Syn Flood attack, and how to prevent it?
☛ Your network has been infected by malware. Please walk me through the process of cleaning up the environment.
☛ What kind of authentication does AD use?
☛ What’s the difference between a Proxy and a Firewall?
☛ What is Cross-Site Scripting and how can it be prevented?
☛ What’s the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?
☛ What’s the difference between encryption and hashing?
☛ Why should I use server certificates on my e-commerce website?
☛ What’s port scanning and how does it work?
☛ Please explain how asymmetric encryption works
☛ Can a server certificate prevent SQL injection attacks against your system? Please explain.
☛ Do you have a home lab? If so, how do you use it to perfect your skills.
☛ What is a Man In The Middle attack?
☛ Take me through the process of pen testing a system.
☛ What is vulnerability test and how do you perform it?
☛ What are the latest threats you foresee for the near future?
☛ How would you harden a Windows Server? What about a Linux Server?
☛ What do you understand by layered security approach?
☛ What’s the better approach setting up a firewall: dropping or rejecting unwanted packets and why?
☛ Please detail 802.1x security vs. 802.11 security (don’t confuse the protocols).
☛ What is stateful packet inspection?
☛ What is NAT and how does it work?
☛ What is a buffer overflow?
☛ What are the most common application security flaws?
☛ What is a false positive?

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