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Professional Dance Artist Job Interview Questions:


☛ How long have you been dancing?
☛ How does dance inspire you?
☛ How long have you been dancing?
☛ What got you into dancing?
☛ Why do you like dancing?
☛ Do you hope to become a professional dancer one day?
☛ Why do you love to dance?
☛ Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?
☛ What are some of your goals for dance?
☛ What type of dance do you practice/train?
☛ Would you like to try another type of dance?
☛ How do you feel when you perform?
☛ What inspires you to keep on dancing?
☛ What is your favorite part about Dancing?
☛ What has dance taught you?
☛ Do you plan to do something with dance later in life, or is it just a hobby?
☛ Have you ever participated in a compaction?
☛ What/Who in courage you to dance?
☛ Do you have a diet to keep yourself fit and healthy?
☛ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
☛ Where did you learn this kind of dance?
☛ What is your greatest weakness?
☛ How many days and weeks do you practice this sport? For how long?
☛ Do you have a favorite dancer? Who?
☛ Are there any challenges in this sport/dance?
☛ In this sport do you need a partner, group of dancers or you can do this alone? Why?
☛ What can you advice to does people who would like to dance this type of dance?
☛ What do you think is the key to success?
☛ Have you ever been injured? If yes when, how and did it effect you?

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