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Basic Dancing Job Interview Questions:


☛ What drew you to dancing? (You are looking for their passion)
☛ Who is your favorite teacher and why? (This will tell you who they would like to emulate)
☛ What is your favorite dance genre? (This will help you identify their passion and where they fit)
☛ What is your favorite genre to teach? (This will let you know what they are seeking)
☛ What is your favorite part of teaching dance? (You are looking for their passion)
☛ What is your least favorite part of teaching dance? (You are trying to understand them and where they may have an issue)
☛ How long have you lived in the area? (Getting a feel for why they are where they are)
☛ How long do you plan to live in the area? (This will help you assess how long they can teach for you)
☛ How do you feel about “bratty young kids?” (This a trick question; use the word bratty to imply you don’t like misbehaved kids, but if they do not answer in a positive manner they are probably not a good fit)
☛ How would you respond if a student called you a bad name? (If they do not answer this with a proper, caring response, they probably are not the right fit)
☛ How do you feel about [insert age group they will be teaching]? (Check for the sincerity of their response and if they fit the age range you desire)
☛ How would you handle a “crazy rude dance mom” inappropriately screaming in your face? (You are attempting to see how they would handle a bad situation; if their answer contains any amount of misconduct or rudeness, they are probably not a good candidate)
☛ How many dance studios have you worked at? (This will give you a feel of their loyalty) Why did you leave? *If they have worked at many studios sound impressed and ask why, for example – “Wow, you have worked at so many studios, how did you make that happen?” (This will tell you if they have taught at many studios because of their accomplished career or if they may have “studio hopped” for less ideal reasons)
☛ What is your dream job? (This will help you understand where they are headed and what their passion is)
☛ What is your biggest goal in the next five years? (Again, this will help you assess where they are headed)
☛ If you could redo anything in your life, what would it be? (A difficult question, but it will let you understand them as a person and see how they handle sensitive issues)

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