Hotel Manager Interview Preparation Guide
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Hotel Manager related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Hotel Manager. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

52 Hotel Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: Professional Hotel Manager Job Interview Questions:

☛ What are the key skills a candidate requires to excel in the field of hotel management?
☛ How will you handle a negative feedback from your irritated or dissatisfied customers?
☛ What are the main responsibilities of a hotel management professional?
☛ What are the various sectors in the hotel industry? Why are they important?
☛ How will you arrange a business meeting or a party for very important clients?
☛ What makes a good Hotel Manager?
☛ What are the shifts timing at the front desk?
☛ Which department is the most important aspect of the hotel? Why?
☛ How will you promote your hotel?
☛ How will you handle large groups of check-ins?
☛ How will you train your employees?
☛ Which strategy will you implement to make guests want to stay at your hotel?
☛ Have you been to any of our restaurants/properties? What did you think? What would you improve or change?
☛ How would you describe your management style? Your personality?
☛ Tell me about your cost control abilities? What have you done to help or improve your financial results?
☛ Have you ever been involved in confrontation with a guest/employee/supervisor at work? How did you resolve it?
☛ What makes you an effective manager/chef?
☛ What skills are required to be successful in a hotel?
☛ What makes you an effective manager/chef?
☛ What are the different types of cutleries used for guests in a hotel?
☛ What is the different designation, hierarchy wise in full service hotel?
☛ What is the different designation, hierarchy wise in limited service hotel?
☛ What kind of work culture is followed in hotel industry?
☛ Is it important to have practical experience in hotel industry? Why?
☛ What do you mean by the term “Catering” in hotel industry?
☛ How a chef checks the quality and freshness of a fish?
☛ What are the responsibilities of the staff towards their guests?
☛ What should a hotel employee is supposed to do if a guest misbehaves with him/her?
☛ What is the official dress code followed in hotel industry?
☛ What makes you so enigmatic to join hotel industry?
☛ What does the term “blind baking” mean?
☛ How to deal with the customers who does not understand the language?
☛ What is the use of “Salt Petre” in hotel industry?
☛ What does the term “Chaudfroid” means?
☛ How a manager can motivate his employees to perform better?
☛ What are the skills required for hotel guest service agent?
☛ What are the dimensions of a wine glass?
☛ What do you understand by term housekeeping in hotel industry?
☛ How important are the aesthetic designs of a hotel?
☛ C-Form is required for what kind of guests in hotel industry?
☛ How important is the word “patience” for a hotel employee? Why?
☛ What is the key to maintain “guest relations”?
☛ What do you mean by “bad table service”?
☛ How are hotels classified?
☛ What are the various funtional areas of a hotel?
☛ What is the purpose of the registration card?
☛ What is an amendment slip?
☛ Explain in brief Western & culinary items?
☛ Explain the functioning of the food production dept.?
☛ Define the organizational structure of the food production dept.
☛ Define the various food textures?
☛ What are the various cleaning equipments? ( manual and mechanical )
☛ What is the hierarchy followed in kitchen stewarding?
☛ What do you understand by restaraunt brigade?
☛ What are the common methods of layouts of various meals?

2 :: Do you know what is adding value in Hotel Management?

Adding value can be defined as adding extra item, image, product or service, which adds value to the product. For example a good-looking receptionist adds to the quality of hotel, a garnish on food adds to the value of the food. It can be service tool, service staff, environment, image of the owner or chef, etc. Travel agency adds value to the quality of hotel or vice versa.

3 :: Do you know what is hospitality in terms of hotel industry?

Hospitality actually means, “taking care of guests in the best possible way".

☛ Organizing, providing services and looking care after guests is included in it.
☛ It means friendly and generous treatment of guests.
☛ Hospitality industry includes all companies involved in providing services for guests. They provide more mental satisfaction than tangible objects.

4 :: Tell me what is variability?

Services are highly variable. The quality of service depends upon how, when where and who provides them. Each time customer receives different levels of satisfaction from the same level of service; same food gives different test to different people.

5 :: Explain me what is supplementary accommodation?

This type of accommodation is not related to tourism and not registered as business organization also. They neither provide housekeeping facility nor they sell their service but they provide accommodation facility.

6 :: What is personal grooming?

It is the process of grooming the staff in a positive manner.

7 :: What is slips Cloth?

These are laid over the table on top of tablecloth. Its protects tablecloth from spillage.

8 :: What is pastry / Bakery?

Ice cream, cakes, breads, pies, etc are the products, which are prepared in a bakery.

9 :: What is contaminated food?

Any kind of food that is infected by bacteria, toxin, chemical substance and poison is created.

10 :: What is sommelier?

He is the person who is in charge of serving the wine in a restaurant.