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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in EAI. So get preparation for the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) job interview

14 Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Questions and Answers:

1 :: What are the new features in 8.0 compared to 7.1?

My webmethods
webMethods ApplinX
webMethods Business Events
webMethods Business Rules
webMethods communicate
webMethods Cntent Service Platform
webMethods Meadiator
webMethods OneData
webMethods ProcessEngine
webMethods designer

2 :: How To Delete Session Logs On IS?

Go to Installationfolder/IntegrationServer/logs/
Here you will find logs in the name WMSESSION_.log
Delete this log files.

3 :: IS is thread or process?

A single process might contains multiple threads; all
threads within a process share the same state and same
memory space, and can communicate with each other directly,
because they share the same variables. By this IS is a process.

4 :: What is indices in MAP flow step?

In MAP Step Indices Is When You Have Array of data if you want to MAP One of the element in Array to the target Element then you can Use the indices

5 :: Why we implement the TIBCO in our organization or company?

see when we intract with any applications or dbs commnly we use protocols or connections.sometimes protocols also doesnt support to intract applications by rectifying all those things we need a middleware application. Tibco is the one of the middleware application

why we choose this?

becuase most midleware applications will follow server architecture but tibco follows bus architecture with special feature called tibco rv

6 :: How to xml validation?

You will find green 'right mark' on the top or else just press f8 to validate the XML file. If there are any errors, it will populate them in detail. According to that you can rectify.

7 :: How to create a directory using external command activity in BW? can u please tell the cmd?

To create Directory using external command

For Windows:
"cmd /c mkdir <Drive-path>\<Directory-Name>"
This is an single command to be entered in input of the

8 :: What is alias file in TIBCO?

TIBCO Designer allows to create alias to resources that can
be reused across projects.
Alias are used in 2 resources
1)AliasLibrary- Used to alias file system resources like
the jar files needed in the project.
2)Library builder- Used to alias shared resources like
Schemas, SSL Certs, BW processes needed during design time.

9 :: What is difference between groups and ACL groups?

Groups: Can be created of people having same
resposibilities. ex:Developer Group.
ACL: With the help of ACL you can grant access to a gropu
or Individual.With ACLs you can grant access to few in a
ex: A user need not belong to Developer group to develop
new flows, but he need to belong to a group which is
assigned to Developer ACl.

10 :: How can try and catch block can be implemented using web methods developer?

1)sequence(outer sequence-exit on success).

2)sequence(Try block with service logic(inner sequence & child
to outer sequence)-exit on failure).

3)sequence(Catch block with any errors found in try block
(inner sequence & child to outer sequence)-exit
on done).

4)Branch step with retrying the errors