Local area network (LAN) Question:
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What is a Wireless LAN (WLAN)?


Answer #1
Very simply, a WLAN is a wireless or radio frequency extension of a LAN. Some WLANs however, such as ad-hoc networks have no wired components. Generally these networks are based on the IEEE 802.11 protocol suite but can also consist of proprietary communication protocols.

Answer #2
It is a wireless computer network that link between two or more devices using wireless communication within the fixed area like home ,office ,school etc..It is wireless Local area network.Wireless LANs have become popular for use in the home, due to their ease of installation and use. They are also popular in commercial properties that offer wireless access to their employees and customers.Unlike a traditional wired LAN, in which devices communicate over Ethernet cables, devices on a WLAN communicate via Wi-Fi.

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