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What do you consider to be your greatest strength?

Viewpost Job Interview Question
Viewpost Interview Question


Answer #1
There isn't any right answer. Just make sure to make your response positive and true. A few good examples include: Your ability to solve complex problems, Your ability to work well on a team, Your ability to shine under pressure, Your ability to focus in chaotic situations, Your ability to prioritize and organize, Your ability to cut through the fluff to identify the real issues, Your ability to influence other positively. If your strength relates to the position in question that will be more beneficial - but again be honest, don't create a strength for yourself just because you think it will sound good.

Answer #2
my greatest strength is being always Positive focus on work and lot of patient

Answer #3
I have several srength, I beleive benifit for your company.My greatest strenght is the fact, I am an allrounder. I am adaptable and flexible, I am an excellent communicator. My greatest strengtn is my disciplind approch to working. I am very reliable and all tasks will be completed on time and to required standard.

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