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What are the causes, cure and preventive measures of
(a) Diabetes
or Rabies


(a)Diabetes :- This disease is caused when the body becomes
unable to make use of the sugar present in the food. This
excessive sugar accumulates in the blood and is then passed
through the urine. It early symptoms are not visible to the
patient. The disease is known by the patient only when there
is excessive thirst and when too much urine is passed.

For its cure, there should be regular injections
of insulin ; and for prevention, the diet should be regulated.

Plague :- This disease is caused by the bite of infected rat
flea. It can be cured by Streptomycin and Sulpha drugs. Its
preventive measures are
(1) Complete isolation of the patient.
(2) Burning of dead rats and killing of living rats.
(3) Anti-plague inoculation, Disinfection of the clothes and
utensils of the patient.
Typhoid :- It is an infectious fever and is caused by the
germ known as Typhoid bacillus. It is also caused by
drinking infected water and milk, by eating infected
ice-cream and fish. Its symptoms ate headache, fever etc..
It cure us T.A.B. innoculation

It preventive measures are
(1) Avoid exposure of things to flies.
(2) Disinfection of all clothes and utensils of the patient
(3) Avoid taking under-ripe and over-ripe things
(4) Boiling of water before drinking and washing of
vegetables etc.. with potassium parmaganate.
(5) Complete rest.

Hydrophobia :-It us caused by the bite of a rabid animal
generally a dog. Jackal, fox or cat

Its cure is prophylactic vaccination. It can be
prevented by avoiding bite of a rabid animal and if bitten,
the bitten part should be cleaned well with potassium
parmenganate or hot water.

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