Forensic Audit Question:
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Tell us about a time when you … ?


1) … disagreed with an authority figure and how you handled it.

2) … received feedback and what did you do with that feedback to be better in the future.

3) … did something at work or school that helped build enthusiasm in others.

4) … exceeded expectations while under a time constraint.

5) … overcame a challenge.

6) … disagreed with a coworker.

7) … dealt with a difficult team member and how you resolved the conflict.

8) … made a sacrifice in your personal life for work or school.

9) … showed leadership.

10) … sought additional information that broadened your perspective and changed your initial opinion regarding a decision.

11) ... succeeded in achieving results even though you were part of a team that was difficult to motivate.

12) … exceeded the expectations in the delivery of a task or project by using your listening skills.

13) … made an informed decision based on your research of a particular topic.

14) … led a team.

15) … adjusted your negotiating position mid-process in order to achieve an objective.

16) … went above and beyond the expectations to deliver on something that was not asked of you.

17) … diffused a tense client or team member conflict. What caused it and what was your response?

18) … failed at something and what you learned from that experience.

19) … overcame a situation when the outlook looked unattainable from the beginning.

20) … managed several projects at once.

21) … used your communication skills to resolve an issue at work.

22) … had a different style from another member. How did you work together?

23) … solved a significant problem.

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