Director Of Talent Question:
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Tell me where do most of your hires come from? Job referrals? Online applications?

Director Of Talent Interview Question
Director Of Talent Interview Question


First, we have a few groups of hires. Nurses are a huge piece of our talent community. And then there are professionals like therapists and non-clinical professionals like marketing, finance, etc.

We get over 50,000 applications a year. It’s really hard to just put an application in and stand out, so there is definitely something to networking. However, we get a bulk of our people from college relationships and memberships. In health care, credentialing is very important. For non-clinical, you’re working next to PhDs and MDs. So it’s not only your education but your certifications and professional memberships.

When it comes to memberships, obviously I can’t just take your resume and give you a job. But if I keep running into this person at events and meetings, she’s going to be the first person I call. If I go to Drexel University and I’m part of alumni group or new students, we’re living, working, and playing together. This is how networking works for us and how we find many hires.

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