System Auditor Question:
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Tell me in addition to auditing non-profits on behalf of the government, you also assist these organizations with internal audits. How do you vary your approach in these cases?

System Auditor Interview Question
System Auditor Interview Question


When I work as an auditor investigating the use of funds on behalf of the government, my role is to evaluate the records to ensure compliance and detect irregularities. In this role, I feel that I am approaching the organization from the outside and am making sure everything is in order. When I do an internal audit, as many non-profits should do on an annual basis, I am working with the company in an advisory role to ensure compliance, and at the same time, empowering the non-profit to improve its financial health and to thrive. In this sense, I’m cooperating with the company as well as evaluating its records.

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Explain a time when you took the lead on implementation or were proactive?As a government auditor, your responsibility is to ensure the proper use of public funds. What do you look for as an indication that a non-profit or government agency is spending as it should?