Red Hat Certification Exam Question:
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Suppose You are giving RHCT Exam and in your Exam paper there is a question written, make
successfully ping to

Red Hat Certification Interview Question
Red Hat Certification Interview Question


Network problem think to check:
1. IP Configuration: use ifconfig command either IP is assigned to interface or not?

2. Default Gateway is set or not?

3. Hostname is set or not?

4. Routing problem is there?

5. Device Driver Module is loaded or not?

6. Device is activated or not?

Check In this way:

1. use ifconfig command and identify which IP is assigned or not.

2. cat /etc/sysconfig/network What, What is written here. Actually here are these parameters.

NETWORKING=yes or no




- Correct the file

3. Use netconfig command

- Either Select Automatically from DHCP or assign the static IP

4. Use service network restart or start command

Now try to ping it will work.

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