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How to fire off at your interviewer:


So the time comes for you to ask your own questions. Your questions reveal a lot about you, and they are your chance to know if you're walking into a mine-field of a position. Here are some favorite questions to fire off at your interviewer:

► Is this a new position?
► What skills would the perfect candidate have?
► What are the ways you measure the productivity and effectiveness of this position?
► How soon do you plan on hiring someone?
► What are the critical issues that require immediate attention?
► How many people have previously been in this position?
► How long have you been with the company?
► Is there someone in addition to you that will make the hiring decision?
► Who would be doing my job in the event of my vacation absence?
► Would I be expected to perform anyone else's duties in the event of another employee's absence?
► Do you have a policy and procedures manual?
► Who would I be reporting to?
► Could you tell me more about your company's IT / growth / company strategy?
► How often does the company promote progressive employees and how soon can I expect a promotion?
► Do you think your company is one where I can excel and reach my potential?

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