City Planning Interview Question:
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Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully communicate with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you (or vice versa). How did you handle the situation? What obstacles or difficulties did you face? How did you deal with them?

City Planning Job Interview Question
City Planning Interview Question


Answer #1
First, the key is to state the differences in personality to give the interviewer some background. Second, you want to discuss how that was affecting the situation. Third, show how you were able to adapt to the way the person wanted to be communicated with to achieve your goals

Answer #2
Personally and Professionally they both terms are different, 1st I see that work or that goal for reason he call me or vice versa and I give 100% solution to do that work and give accurate answer for that work that's create good relation also as well as Team bonding

Answer #3
first the key is to state the differences in personality of different people second you want to discuss how that was affected in that situation and third how to adapt to the way the person wanted to be condition itself

Answer #4
I was working with a Sr Buyer and he was in and out of the office a lot. I found myself expediting his purchase orders and basically doing more of his communication and paperwork. I talked with the supervisor and scheduled a meeting with the buyer to discuss better ways to handle his side of the business. At first he didn't care for me because he thought i was trying to take his job. In reality, I was trying to do my best to impress him and the supervisor by properly doing the job.

Answer #5
As a shipping and logistics manager in my former place of work, we were at one point working behind time to have a set shipment moved to Ghana and decided to engage a service of a new courier company. The area manager with whom I negotiated the terms of contract with was a friend of the bank's regional director and as such, he felt I am too young or insignificant to ask so much question about the company's capacity to deliver.
I have to politely let him know that it is not about me but the bank interest, considering that fact that we already have most of the information we need about his company, including their inability to pay for 3rd party insurance coverage against damage or lost of items in their possession in the past which led to the company going underground after series of court cases before its revival.
After that, he changed the tone of his voice and we ended up having a long and fruitful conversation with a conviction that the company was upgraded and capable of handling the job.

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