Audit Question:
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Explain the Before an audit processes?


► Make sure the authority of the audit team is established - this will increase the cooperation from auditees.
► Decide what areas of the company will be audited and the frequency of the audits. Prepare a yearly audit schedule and distribute.
► Develop an audit plan. Decide what other audit resources are needed - checklists, other auditors?
► Determine the purpose of the audit - is it to comply with government regulations, quality standards, internal procedures and systems? v Define the scope of the audit - is it an overview of the area being audited or is it to concentrate on a specific system within the area?
► Hold a meeting with the auditors to discuss the plan, purpose, and scope of the audit.
► Read the documents you will be auditing against. Know what they say. Develop questions to ask the auditees.
► Conduct an opening meeting with the auditees.

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