System Auditor Question:
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Explain me how do you feel your job as a government auditor differs from that of a private sector auditor?

System Auditor Interview Question
System Auditor Interview Question


First of all, there is a sense of working for the public good as a government auditor. I’ve also served as a private auditor and did many internal audits to ensure the business was in sound financial health. This served an important function in helping the business stay afloat, but it didn’t necessarily involve an entire population. There is a kind of sacred trust in dealing with public money, and perhaps, a greater propensity of some non-profits or government agencies, to lose track of money, because it is being provided. A government audit requires a certain amount of discipline in investigating whether funds earmarked for one purpose were used properly. Elections have been won and lost based on the use of public funds, so it is vital to our public life as citizens.

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