System Auditor Question:
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Explain a time when you took the lead on implementation or were proactive?

System Auditor Interview Question
System Auditor Interview Question


Hiring managers are hoping to hire accountants and auditors who have the foresight to address any potential issues that may arise before the situation blows up and becomes reactionary.

When you’re asked accounting questions, focus on any recommendations you’ve made to higher-ups, and processes or procedures that you implemented, Think about how you’ve done your job in a proactive sense rather than a reactionary sense.

Especially controllers and CFO-level candidates must be prepared to answer, ‘Have you implemented any processes or procedures?’ and talk them through that

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Explain me about a time you had a difficult conversation with a manager or colleague in another department?Tell me in addition to auditing non-profits on behalf of the government, you also assist these organizations with internal audits. How do you vary your approach in these cases?