Dairy Farm Question:
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Do dairy farmers care about their animals?


Yes. Dairy farmers are dedicated to producing high-quality milk, and that begins with taking good care of their cows. Dairy farmers work closely with veterinarians and professional nutritionists to keep their cows healthy and well-nourished. Nutritious diets, healthy living conditions, and good veterinary care are all essential when it comes to producing safe, wholesome, nutritious milk.

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Non bacterial ropiness or sliminess in milk and milk products may be due to the

A. stringiness caused by mastitis and in particular by fibrin and leucocytes from the cow's blood.
B. sliminess resulting from the thickness of the cream
C. stringiness due to thin films of casein or lactalbumin during cooling
D. all of the above
The yoghurt is made from

A. Lactobacillus bulgaricus
B. Streptococcus thermophilus
C. S. cremoris
D. mixed culture of (a) and (b)