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Arun is a network administrator in your company. He is
having problems logging on to the servers. You can connect
without any problems, and he can log in perfectly to his
workstation. You think Aruns account settings have been
changed. What should you check first?

1 Check to see if the account is disabled
2 Check to see if the password has been changed
3 Check to see if the log-on workstations have been changed
4 Check to see if the logon hours have been changed


1 Check to see if the account is disabled

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You are the network administrator for Acme Inc. All
servers use Windows 2003 Server and the network consists of
a single Active Directory domain. You want to implement a
backup and restoration policy. Certificates are issued by
ACMECERT, which is also a Domain Controller and Global
Catalog Server. You want to use only the Microsoft backup
utility and you want to backup only the required minimum to
be able to easily restore Active Directory and the
Certificate Server. What should you do?
1 Backup c:windowssystem32certsrv
2 Backup c:windowsntds
3 Backup the system state data
4 Backup c:windowssysvol
If RID master is down, can domain user can login is domain